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Try Something New: Garden Ideas For 2020

It’s a brand new year, and we’re just getting started with the gardening season, starting seedlings and roughing out our garden plans for this coming spring. Why not start a new tradition of trying something new in your garden each year? Here in Powell River, we’re lucky to be able to grow such a wide range of plants. We can learn a lot by stepping a little bit outside of our comfort zones—not just about the new thing we try, but also about gardening in general. 

Here are a few gardening project ideas that you could work on in a weekend.

Start Your Own

If you usually buy all your annuals and veggies as bedding plants from our garden center, why not try starting a few from seed this year? Seed starting is not too difficult of a project. You’ll need a sterile starter mix, a starter tray with a cover, a grow light, and some seeds. 

Not sure which plants to get started with first? Tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds are super easy to start. We carry all the seed starting supplies you need for your mini nursery at our garden center, and our staff can help you discover some easy and exciting varieties to try. With just an hour or two over the weekend, you’ll be on your way to homegrown veggies and flowers!

Grow a New Variety

Do you usually stick to growing flowers? Or, perhaps you’re all about the vegetables? Why not mix it up a bit? Find a new plant, or a new variety of an old favourite, and give it a shot. Whether it is a new colour, a different blossom type, or a different variety of edible (purple tomatoes, anyone?), it’s fun to add something new to your gardening projects. 

If you try growing a plant that requires a little more attentive care than you’re used to, you’ll probably start to notice and understand the specific needs of other plants in your garden. Barring the uncontrollable weather, better care results in bigger or better yields, whether it’s flowers, fruits or vegetables. 

try something new garden ideas water feature

Add a Water Feature

Ponds or fountains add ambiance and interest to our gardens. They also provide a water source for birds, butterflies and bees, and they’re not as difficult to maintain as you might think. We’ve ordered in a variety of fountains and water bowls for spring and we can’t wait for them to arrive at the garden center. Or, if you’re feeling creative, we’ll also have everything you need to build your own unique water feature in the spring. 

Depending on the design and scale of your water feature, this is a gardening project you can complete over a weekend. Try adding some water plants to your water feature for even more interest, and if you’re really brave, maybe get some colourful koi fish for your pond!

Try A Trellis

From clematis to hydrangeas, trumpet vine to climbing roses, there’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful flowering vine climbing up a towering structure. Whether you choose an arbour, a pergola, or a flat trellis for your project, training a vining plant on a structure adds a new kind of fun to gardening. A pergola covered in vines offers a shady spot to sit on sunny days. A flat trellis covered with a blossoming climber can establish a living space or add privacy within your yard. 

try something new garden ideas clematis trellis

Add a Tree

Planting trees is not as difficult a project as it sounds. Trees add value to our property, support local wildlife, and those great big shade trees can even have a positive impact on our energy bills! We’ve made our tree order for this spring, and we’ll have a wide selection to choose from, evergreens and deciduous, in just a few weeks. We’ll coach you through all the details you need to know to get your tree planted and established, so it thrives in your yard for many years to come. 

  Whether it’s growing your own food, planting a new tree, or digging a pond, its good to push yourself to try a new gardening project. Not only will you get a beautiful new feature, you’ll also learn a lot about your garden and add a new skill to your repertoire. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your new projects for 2020. Stop by our garden center today; we can help you plan out your project and help find what you need to succeed.

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