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Get Creative: Valentines Arrangements That Aren’t Roses

Roses are amazing, but there are also so many other creative ideas for Valentine’s gifts. Not to mention, flower bouquets only last so long, and many of them are imported from other countries, travelling thousands of miles to get to Powell River. 

Live houseplants, on the other hand, last for a very long time, produce oxygen, and pull harmful chemicals out of the air. There are also several tropical plant growers right here in BC, so you don’t have to worry about the long-range carbon footprint of your gift. Gifting a houseplant is a long-lasting reminder of your relationship, has a positive health impact, and it’s eco-friendly. 

One of our regular suppliers, Morgan Creek Tropicals, has recently sent us some fabulous tropical houseplants. Morgan Creek is based in Surrey, BC, so choosing their plants means you’re supporting another awesome local business. Their plants are very healthy and grown with care, so your loved one will absolutely love their Morgan Creek houseplant. We have lots of great Morgan Creek Tropicals to choose from right now, and the best part is that so many of them are super easy to grow. They’re even suitable for houseplant beginners!

Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day arrangements that aren’t red roses in Powell River.

Calathea is a popular houseplant, for homes and businesses. It is relatively easy to care for and features large leaves with variegated greens. There are several different varieties of Calathea. They prefer bright, but indirect light. Calathea like moist soil, but they do not like to have saturated soil. A pot with a drainage hole and a saucer are important. Wait until the top of the soil is dry to water, and then make sure any excess water sitting in the saucer is dumped.

Spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily, is another fairly easy-care houseplant that is low-light tolerant. They do like bright light and will bloom more frequently if they get bright but indirect light. They’ll grow beautiful foliage in lower-light situations, but are less likely to bloom. Watering needs are similar to Calathea, keep it in a pot with a drainage hole and a saucer, and water when the top of the soil is dry. Peace Lily will have a very dramatic recovery if they dry out, and then are watered, but this is very stressful for the plant.

Hoya Carnosa, or Wax Plant, is a perfect hoya for beginners. It also prefers bright, but indirect light. Hoya’s do like humidity, but they need good drainage. You can mix regular potting soil with an orchid mix for a good growing medium for Hoyas. Water Hoyas when the soil on top is dry, make sure to dump out any extra that remains in the saucer after. Hoya Carnosa produces pretty pink flowers when it gets enough light.

Monstera, or Swiss Cheese Plant, is crazy popular right now and can be difficult to find. We’ve got some in stock! Monstera gets really big, so make sure there’s enough space for it. Monstera’s need a balance of light and shade during the day. They also like indirect light, so in a bright room but back from the window, a bit is best. Monstera should be watered when the soil is dry to a depth of about 1-2 inches. 

Lipstick Plant is an easy-care houseplant plant that produces flowers that look like tubes of bright red lipstick. They need bright light for about half the day, and shade for half the day in order to promote blooming. Lipstick plant needs good drainage. It should be watered when the top inch of soil is dry, and fertilizer every other week in the spring and summer with a high phosphorous bloom fertilizer.

Pothos is one of the all-time most resilient houseplants out there. They’ll grow quickly in either low or bright light. They’re happy with regular watering when the soil is dry, and they’ll forgive you if you forget to water them for a while. These are the ultimate beginner plant. We have beautiful Marble Queen and Golden pothos cultivars from Morgan Creek.

Spider plants are another great beginner plant. They’re tough as nails, and can also grow well in reasonably low-light. They do like bright indirect light if it’s available, but they don’t love the direct sun. Our favourite is the variegated version with a white stripe down the center of its long leaves. 

The best part about giving houseplants instead of cut flowers is you don’t have to rush at the last minute to make sure you have a fresh bouquet on the 14th. You can buy your gift houseplant today and keep it hidden at work until Valentine’s Day! We’ve also got a wide variety of giftware, home decor, and even pet products, so you can complement your houseplant with another thoughtful gift. Visit Mother Nature and enjoy some thoughtful and stress-free Valentine’s Day shopping this year! 

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