cats, dogs, small pets, and more


At Mother Nature, our pets are not just pets—they’re family members with personalities, character, and hearts bigger than we realize!

At Mother Nature, our pets are not just pets. They are family members with personalities, character, and hearts bigger then we realize!

Every dog, cat, hamster, reptile, and fish is a little different. At Mother Nature, we do the research to make sure we’re offering healthy, safe, and nutritious products for your pet’s individual needs.

We’re pet parents, too, so we know how much you want your pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life. 

We’ll help you get Inspired with fun new toys and treats, Discover exotic species to add to your family, and find Solutions for behaviour problems, tricky diets, and more!

We’re here to enrich your pet’s life every step of the way! 

Get your furry friend a nail trim done by our manager DJ – call for best time, and keep your dog’s mouth healthy with our Dental Clinics.

Include your pet in special celebrations with seasonal events like Family and Pet Photos with Santa!

There’s always something happening here at Mother Nature, so watch our Facebook and Instagram page to see what’s new.


Dog and Cat Food

When it comes to your pet’s diet, we make no compromises.

We specialize in Canadian-made pet foods that use high-quality and human-grade ingredients, from kibble and canned formulas to raw diets and healthy treats.


Only the best for your best friend! At Mother Nature, you’ll find durable, top-of-the-line toys, supplies, and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for leashes and tags, or cages and bird seed,
you’ll find it here!

Small Animals

Little critters pack a lot of love into a small package!

Adopt lovable hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and more. 

We even take special orders for hard-to-find small pets, like exotic birds and finches!


Fish and Reptile

Just because they’re
cold-blooded, doesn’t mean they can’t warm your heart!

Find a friend in our freshwater fish tanks, and meet exotic reptiles, like leopard geckos and bearded dragons, in our terrariums.