The Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall

best bulbs fall planting powell river

Have you started planting fall bulbs yet? If you’re in Powell River, you might be wondering how the summer went by so quickly! Even though we’ll miss those warm-weather annuals, there’s lots to be excited about this fall. In particular, now is the perfect time to start thinking about spring gardening. Fall is the best […]

The Best Cold Weather Veggies for a Winter Harvest

cold weather winter veggies powell river

While many of us assume summertime is the prime growing season for vegetables, many of our favorite garden veggies are much more suited to the colder weather of late fall and winter. Hot summer sun can end up scorching some veggies or cause plants to flower prematurely instead of developing edible parts. Here are some […]

8 Sensational Plants for Fantastic Fall Container Planting

sensational plants for fall container planting

We’re still soaking up these last sunny weeks of summer, but we can’t help but start brainstorming ideas and inspiration for our fall container planters. As summer shifts into fall, your fading summer planters might begin to look a little dull and may need some freshening up. In Powell River, we’re lucky to have one […]

Pruning Calendar for Powell River

We’re lucky enough in Powell River to be able to grow a wide variety of beautiful plants, shrubs, and trees. To keep them healthy, proper pruning is essential. Taking off dead or diseased branches promotes better growth in the future. By following a pruning calendar, you will encourage your plants to grow more enthusiastically. Pruning […]

How to Care for Hibiscus Plants

red hibiscus - care - powell river

The hibiscus flower is one of those quintessential tropical blooms that leaves us dreaming of sunsets, beaches and fruity blended drinks, and luckily here in Powell River, our weather is just warm enough to reliably care for hibiscus plants even though it isn’t exactly a tropical rainforest climate.  While most hibiscus plants can only be […]

Orchids 101: Basic Care and Repotting Tips

purple pink phalaenopsis moth orchid care powell river

Lots of folks are quick to assume that orchids are finicky plants that are tricky to care for, but this isn’t necessarily true— the orchid family is one of the largest plant families in existence, with loads of exotic varieties that have very different needs. Luckily, here at Mother Nature, we carry one of the […]

Winter Gardening

Summer may have just gotten here, but it’s already time to start planning for a full winter of harvesting!

How to Repel Deer

how to repel deer british columbia

Spotting a deer is always a Kodak moment, one where you catch your breath and pray that they won’t get spooked and dart away while you’re reaching for a camera—that is, unless you’re spotting them in your garden. In that case, you’re not reaching for the camera. You’re reaching for the broom to shoo the […]

Native Plants of British Columbia

native plants of british columbia

A beautiful garden that can grow itself? Get real! Growing a garden you can be proud of takes a lot of hard work, right? Well, if you’re thinking of adding a few native plants to your landscape this season, you’re doing more than saving a bit of effort. They may be rugged, but they’re not […]


With the mercury already creeping above 20°C, we’re in for another warm, sunny British Columbia summer. Like us, most of the plants in our gardens love to soak up the sun, but also like us, they need a lot more water to keep their roots from feeling parched during the sunny seasons. Of course, we […]