How to Start Your Garden From Seed: A Guide

Starting your garden plants from seed indoors not only gives you a jumpstart on the growing season, but it can also save you a lot of money! It’s also incredibly satisfying to know you grew your garden full of beautiful produce and flowers from tiny little seeds. Furthermore, you’ll have complete control over the lifespan […]

5 Plants for Better Health & Wellness in 2020

The studies are in, and the research shows that having plants around and digging our fingers into the Powell River dirt is good for our mental and physical health. Surrounding yourself with plants is said to help reduce stress, lower our blood pressure, and improve sleep quality. Being near live greenery can also improve concentration, […]

Try Something New: Garden Ideas For 2020

It’s a brand new year, and we’re just getting started with the gardening season, starting seedlings and roughing out our garden plans for this coming spring. Why not start a new tradition of trying something new in your garden each year? Here in Powell River, we’re lucky to be able to grow such a wide […]

How to Grow Citrus Trees as Houseplants

how to grow citrus trees as houseplants

If you’ve been browsing through any of the houseplant hashtags on Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed that tons of people are growing and harvesting actual lemons, limes, and oranges from trees they’re growing at home. If you assumed these lucky ducks are all Florida natives, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have […]

Best Indoor Plants for Winters in British Columbia

best indoor plants for bc winters

While we do get to enjoy fairly mild winters here in Powell River compared to other parts of Canada, we still have to face the very short days of winter. In addition to short daylight hours, winter days tend to be overcast here on the coast of BC. If you’ve had some trouble with houseplants […]

Your Favourite Christmas Traditions


If you read our recent blog on holiday traditions around the world, you may have also seen our posts on social media asking you to share your own holiday traditions. We were overwhelmed by the responses we got! We were so thrilled to see so many beautiful stories come out of these posts, we couldn’t […]

The Best Christmas Gift Houseplants: From Christmas Cactus to Snake Plants

Some people are tougher than others to shop for during the holidays. What could you possibly get for someone who has everything? This year, skip the mall and consider giving houseplants! We think houseplants are perfect presents because they keep on giving all year long. We’ve got plenty of options for Christmas gift plants in […]

How to Grow Your Own Mighty Microgreens

how to grow your own mighty microgreens powell river

Microgreens are tiny baby plants that pack a serious punch of nutrition and flavour. If you’ve ever had a fancy dish at a restaurant decorated with delicate little leaves, then you’ve had microgreens. They’re not the same thing as sprouts, and they’re definitely not just a decorative accent. These mini-versions of common edible plants pack […]

How to Get Your Amaryllis Bulbs to Rebloom

reblooming amaryllis bulbs

When we think about Christmas flowers, amaryllis is often one of the first to come to mind. Despite the tropical appeal of amaryills, winter is when you’re most likely to see them. They’re very easy to grow, and they offer a beautiful reminder of spring in the middle of a Powell River winter. There’s another […]

How to Overwinter Plants: Tomatoes, Begonias, and Chrysanthemums

mother nature powell river overwintering plants tomatoes begonias mums

Winter in Powell River is practically balmy compared to the rest of Canada, but it still kills off some of our favourite annual plants every year. It’s always sad to see our gorgeous annuals all brown and droopy. Have you ever considered overwintering some of your favourites?  Some annuals are only suited for a single […]