17 Pumpkin Decor Ideas for the Patio and Porch

Pumpkin Decor for the Patio and Porch-1 – Mother Nature

Pumpkins and gourds are a hallmark of fall. It’s that time of year for hearty soup, sweaters and boots—and pumpkins on every doorstep. The classic Jack-o-lantern for Halloween is always fun to make, but there are also tons of other, slightly more grown-up ways you can use pumpkins in your fall porch decor. Paint Your […]

Light Up The Night: Landscape Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Yard

light up the night landscape lighting mother nature powell river

Adding lighting to your landscape is one of the fastest and highest-impact ways to raise the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Landscape lighting extends the amount of time you can enjoy your yard in a day, particularly when daylight hours run short. It sets a dreamy and romantic ambience. It also contributes to general neighbourhood […]

Wine Not? 5 Fun Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles in Your Garden

5 ways to reuse wine bottle planters mother nature powell river

If you’ve been dutifully collecting your empty wine bottles but would rather get crafty than toss them in the recycling bin, here are a few ideas. From water-wicking planters to bird feeders to bespoke patio lighting, there are plenty of ways you can reuse wine bottles in your Powell River yard, garden—and home!   Wine […]

Prep for Patio Season: Tips for Freshening Up Your Outdoor Space

Prep for Patio Season - Mother Nature

Take full advantage of patio season 2021 in Powell River with these tips for taking care of, designing, and creating your perfect patio atmosphere. 1) Cleaning and Maintaining Your Deck A winter of rain and snow can leave your deck or patio looking a little sad and weathered in the spring. Cleaning up will help […]

How to Create Structure in Your Landscape

landscape structures mother nature

Structure in design—whether graphic design, architectural design, interior design, or landscape design—makes a space more comfortable, attractive and helps define how we should use it. In landscape design, you can create structure by building things like pergolas, planting hedges or trees, adding arbours or trellises, and creating water features. Structure doesn’t have to mean highly-manicured […]

Creative Ideas for Styling Your Houseplants

houseplant styling ideas mother nature

Houseplants are a great complement to your home decor style. Here are a few creative ways to help you take your home style to the next level. You could use all of these styling tips or pick and choose what you like best that works for your home. Just remember that plant care is easiest […]

Our Top 5 Trending Houseplants for 2021

trending houseplants 2021 mother nature

With more people stuck at home during the lockdown in 2020, houseplants and gardening started trending worldwide. As more and more people got into the houseplant craze, certain plants gained popularity, like Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera deliciosa. These plants will still be popular in 2021, but we’re starting to see a few other houseplants […]

Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

christmas tree recycling mother nature

Nothing beats the scent of a fresh Christmas tree for the holidays. But what do you do with it after Christmas is over and you’re tired of cleaning up a million needles every day? Here are a few different eco-friendly ways to dispose of your Christmas tree when you take it down.    Get Christmas […]

Poinsettia Varieties for 2020

poinsettia varieties mother nature

Festive Poinsettias: This Years Fun Varieties & Care Tips The poinsettias have arrived! We’ve got some gorgeous varieties in the shop this year, and as is our tradition, Ron’s mom, Brigitte Pfister, is working hard to get all of them beautifully decorated for you. Our select poinsettias are wrapped with festive cellophane and ribbon, and […]

Christmas Tradition Store

christmas tradition room decorations mother nature

Discover What’s Inside Our Christmas Traditions Store Are you one of those people that finishes your Christmas shopping months in advance, or do you like to wait until the Christmas season is fully here so you can take inspiration from the festive season?  Whatever sort of Christmas shopper you are, we think you’ll enjoy a […]