Good Things Come in Small Packages

The best things come in small packages! When it comes to small pets we couldn’t agree more! Learn more here about the pocket pets we can’t get enough of!

Do Pets Think We Are Their Parents?

When we tell our pets, “Go see mom, or go see dad”, what do they think of this? Has your pet ever shown a reaction to being told to “go see mom, or go see dad?” Often times we tell ourselves that this is just a response to hearing certain words. But do our pets really think we are their parents?

Cool Treats for the Coolest Pets

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-British Columbia-Cool Treats for Hot Pets-Cat popsicle

When the summer heat starts to set in, we all like to turn to a cool treat now and then! Now, when you have your cool treat—you can offer one to your pet as well. When the temperature rises, it is so easy for your pet to get heat stroke, and keeping your pet cool […]

Crazy for Catnip!

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-British Columbia-Crazy for Catnip

Does your cat go crazy for catnip? Your feline friends probably love to mingle with this tasty herb, and many enjoy rolling in it whenever they get the chance. If you have a cat that loves catnip, you know all too well the curious (and hilarious!) effects it can have on your pet, and you […]

The Power of Pets: How Pets Influence Mental & Physical Health

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-The Power of Pets-grey cat

There is no doubt in the mind of any pet owner that pets are magical and just being with them can turn around a bad day. To look into the face of your pet and feel the unconditional love they have for you is one of the greatest feelings every pet parent loves. But, just […]

Betta Fish Care

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Betta Fish Care-fish in aquarium

The Betta Splendens The betta fish is without a doubt one of the most popular fish ever. With their endless colours and magnificent tails they are one of the most spectacular tropical fish you can bring home! The betta, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, is originally from Thailand, and is now also found […]

Dental Care for Dogs and Cats


When was the last time you had a really good look in your pet’s mouth? If you are like many of us, we tend not to look as often as we should.   When we think of poor dental hygiene for dogs and cats, what first comes to mind is the typical bad breath many pets […]

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Raining Cats and Dogs-dog looking out window

January on the Sunshine Coast of BC is typically anything but sunny. Rain, more rain, wind, and storm weather—this is how January looks here! With January being one of our longest and most wintery months of the year, we can also receive extra storm weather. The wind and the rain, accompanied by hail and snow, […]