The Sparkle behind the Glass Ball

Since the 16th century decorative balls have been used in homes to add sparkle and shine as well as to help frighten away witches and ward away bad luck.

Visit Mother Nature to Combat Those Winter Blues

Mother Nature Garden Centre- Powell River - Assorted Succulents

The winter weather has been unseasonably cold this year, with sub-zero temperatures taking the place of the usual rainy climate. All the joys of the holiday season have come and gone, and spring is much too far away. Luckily, there’s great news for plant parents and budding gardeners, as being around lush greenery, soil, and […]

6 Houseplants to Boost Your Holiday Decorations

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-6 Houseplants to Boost Your Holiday Decorations-anthurium flowers

Ho, ho, hooray for holiday houseplants! Spectacular varieties like Christmas cacti, amaryllis, anthurium, and more come packed with festive colours and Christmas cheer, and will continue to brighten your home all winter long. Here are six of our favourites to include in your holiday decor this season! Christmas Cacti  We can thank the holiday seasons […]

Going With The Flow: Picking Your Perfect Pond Pump

Mother nature garden center - picking the perfect pond pump-pond with water feature

It’s summertime and we are sitting pondside: beautiful blooming plants, happy splashing fish, cocktails by the soothing sounds of trickling water. Yes, I can hear it all now, or rather, wait, what’s that sound? Actually, there is no sound! Oh no, time for a new pump!   Okay, this is slightly dramatic, but some of […]

How To Choose The Best Container for Your Houseplants

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Choosing the Best Container for Your Houseplants- plant pots for new houseplants

Your plants make your home a nicer place, so why not give them a comfy place to live too? Houseplants thrive in the perfect container, which is essential to their well-being. Your planter’s size and shape and the soil or potting mix you choose directly affect how much water it can soak up. A well-maintained […]

7 DIY Design Ideas to Make Your Fire Pit More Interesting for Summer

Mother Nature Garden Center - How to make your fire pit more interesting-people roasting marshmallows

Hanging out with friends and family around the fire pit is one of the best ways to spend a summer night. It’s the perfect setting for making memories and sharing laughs! While a simple fire pit and some chairs will suffice, it’s nice to put some effort into your design to make it feel more […]

Cute & Creative Decorations to Make Your Garden Uniquely Yours

mother nature - how to decorate your garden-trellis in garden

Gardens are naturally bursting with colour and plenty of visual interest, but if you want them to reflect your style and personality, it’s all about the accessories! There are many cute garden decorations and beautiful outdoor art you can incorporate into your landscape design. It brings that extra spark of inspiration and personal flair!  Personalize […]

How to Create Outdoor Rooms for a Backyard Retreat

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

An empty yard is like a blank canvas—there’s so much potential to create something beautiful! It’s good to focus on your design layout, creating outdoor “rooms” and functional living spaces to make the most of your backyard. Designing rooms for the backyard involves many key interior design elements, but with a few creative twists and […]

17 Pumpkin Decor Ideas for the Patio and Porch

Pumpkin Decor for the Patio and Porch-1 – Mother Nature

Pumpkins and gourds are a hallmark of fall. It’s that time of year for hearty soup, sweaters and boots—and pumpkins on every doorstep. The classic Jack-o-lantern for Halloween is always fun to make, but there are also tons of other, slightly more grown-up ways you can use pumpkins in your fall porch decor. Paint Your […]

Light Up The Night: Landscape Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Yard

light up the night landscape lighting mother nature powell river

Adding lighting to your landscape is one of the fastest and highest-impact ways to raise the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Landscape lighting extends the amount of time you can enjoy your yard in a day, particularly when daylight hours run short. It sets a dreamy and romantic ambience. It also contributes to general neighbourhood […]