Prep for Patio Season: Tips for Freshening Up Your Outdoor Space

Take full advantage of patio season 2021 in Powell River with these tips for taking care of, designing, and creating your perfect patio atmosphere.

Prep for Patio Season: Tips for Freshening Up Your Outdoor Space

1) Cleaning and Maintaining Your Deck

A winter of rain and snow can leave your deck or patio looking a little sad and weathered in the spring. Cleaning up will help your deck last longer and look better. Clear up any clumps of dead leaves and foliage that have collected in corners. Inspect your deck, above and below, for any evidence of rot or degradation. 

Power washing is one of the easiest ways to clean off any moss or algae, but be careful. Try not to get the sprayer end too close to the surface of your deck, or it could cause more damage. Use a mild bleach solution to scrub down areas that have moss or algae growing, and then make sure they dry well. Trim back any foliage that is clustered right against the deck to allow more airflow to keep the deck as dry as possible.

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2) Cleaning and Maintaining Patio Furniture

Whether you stored your patio furniture inside or out for the winter, it’s good to give it a good once over before putting it out for the year. Wash metal frames with soapy water and then rinse and let them dry well. Soapy water and a scrub brush or cloth work well on most other materials as well. While you’re cleaning, check the frames for damage, like rust or broken straps, and repair them. 

If the covers on your patio cushions are removable, take them off and run them through the washer. Inspect your cushions for signs of mould and replace them if needed. If the fabric shows signs of wear, you can get them recovered or buy new slipcovers for them. Sun and weather exposure makes material wear faster, so store your patio cushions somewhere dry and out of the sun when they’re not in use.


3) Invite Hummingbirds To Your Patio With Feeders and Flowers

Watching hummingbirds eat is one of the delights of summer on the BC coast. Make your patio inviting for hummingbirds by hanging a couple of colourful hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds can be very territorial, so having more than one feeder will make your yard more welcoming. 

Prep for Patio Season: Invite Hummingbirds

Don’t forget to add some hummingbird-friendly plants like butterfly bush, catmint, clematis, columbine, coral bells, daylilies, delphinium, fuchsia, geranium, hibiscus, honeysuckle, lupine, lilies, bee balm, petunia, salvia, verbena, and wisteria, into pretty patio containers.


4) Add Ambience To Your Patio

Integrate some of these items to make your patio a warm and welcoming place where you’ll love spending time. 

  • Lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the atmosphere of your patio instantly. LED lanterns, twinkling string lights, battery-operated candles, and a small fire table will make your patio a place you can spend time well into the evening.
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  • Textiles like blankets, pillows, and cushions help make your patio space and furniture even more cozy and appealing. If your patio furniture doesn’t have cushions, add some. Not only do they make patio furniture more comfortable to sit on, they also add a layer of insulation to keep you warmer in the evenings.
  • Decorative privacy screens are a great way to add privacy and create the cozy feeling of an outdoor room when combined with lighting and textiles.
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  • Maximize your patio seating, so everyone can find a cozy place to sit. Modular and sectional patio furniture allows you to take full advantage of the space you have, so everyone can find a spot to sit. 
  • Last but not least, plants go a long way to making your patio space feel lush and relaxing. Opt for traditional potted plants, or if you want that lush tropical feeling, without all the extra care, you can also just tuck in artificial plants to your patio decor. Try to keep them in spots where they won’t get too much exposure to the weather since lots of rain, wind, and sun can make them look pretty tattered eventually. 

With a little bit of design and creativity, you can quickly and affordably turn your patio into a lush escape that you’ll enjoy all summer long. Stop by Mother Nature to check out all the gorgeous patio decor and plants we have in stock.