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How to Create Outdoor Rooms for a Backyard Retreat

An empty yard is like a blank canvas—there’s so much potential to create something beautiful! It’s good to focus on your design layout, creating outdoor “rooms” and functional living spaces to make the most of your backyard. Designing rooms for the backyard involves many key interior design elements, but with a few creative twists and plenty of weather-proof furnishings!


Here are the Key Elements of Creating Outdoor Rooms 

Give your backyard a homey feeling that incorporates all the beauty of nature by following these basic principles of designing outdoor rooms. 

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

Shade from the Sun

If you want to spend as much time as possible in your backyard rooms, you’ll need some sun protection! A covered area will provide shade so you won’t develop a sunburn, and they can also help shelter you from light rain. Sitting in your outdoor room and staying comfortable and dry during light rain can be so peaceful!

Gazebos are an excellent option for creating a covered seating area. If you want something beautiful to boost your property value, a wooden gazebo will look lovely. For a more budget-friendly alternative that you can easily install and disassemble, you can buy DIY gazebo sets made from similar materials to camping tents. 

Pergolas are a beautiful way to create dappled shade over a seating area, and when you allow climbing plants and vines to grow around them, the results are breathtaking! Add lanterns or twinkle lights for a little extra flair—you’ll love spending late nights in your backyard room!

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

Creating Privacy

Obviously, the point of lounging in the backyard is to get out of the confines of your home and soak in the beauty of nature. However, building up “walls” creates a nice sense of privacy and intimacy while also effectively separating different areas to create rooms. 


Lattice is a perfect way to create walls for backyard rooms that feel natural and appropriate for the space. Plus, they’re like giant trellises for climbing plants, so you can cover them in flowering vines like Thunbergia or Morning Glory Vine. 


Hedges or Potted Conifers can also act as walls if you arrange them in a row, blocking sight lines, creating a windbreak, and establishing separate areas. Look for tall yet compact varieties that are easy to maintain and won’t get too unruly. 

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

Set Up Some Outdoor “Flooring”

Floors are an instant way to distinguish your outdoor room from the surrounding space. 


Pavers are fantastic for backyard dining areas—they prevent the legs of your chairs and tables from sinking into the soil, and they’re easy to clean if you drop food! 


Outdoor Carpets are the perfect solution if your patio furniture seems awkwardly placed in a sprawling yard. Find a big, pretty carpet that’s weather-proof, place your patio set on top, and voila! You’ve got an outdoor room. 


Reserve an Area for Pets

If you’ve got dogs, you’re probably well aware of their need to relieve themselves in the yard. If you’re trying to turn your backyard into a space for entertaining guests, piles of doggy doo won’t exactly contribute to a pleasant ambience. But there’s a solution! Fence off one half of the yard for the dogs, and leave the other half for entertaining.

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

A simple chain fence is easy to install, and they look really beautiful if you grow vining plants all around them or border them with potted plants. Train your dogs to head into the fenced-off area and close the gate while they finish doing their business. If you’re worried about the state of the grass in your outdoor pet room, you can replace the grass with river rock—it lasts for years, and it’s super easy to clean with the hose!

For all the plants, patio furniture, and other accoutrements to create beautiful outdoor rooms in British Columbia, visit Mother Nature Garden Centre! We have a wide variety of product lines to suit every style and budget.