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himalayan salt for Christmas powell river

Salt for Christmas?! Himalayan Salt Gift Ideas

Starting your Christmas shopping? We are too, though we’re determined to beat the mall crowds this year in Powell River! One of our favourite things this year has been exploring the world of Himalayan salt. For most people, what comes to mind when you say “Himalayan salt” are those ethereal-looking, coral-toned lamps. We love our Himalayan salt lamps, but there are many more ways to take advantage of the benefits of Himalayan Salt.

What is Himalayan Salt, Anyway?

Himalayan salt is found in a region of the Himalayas in Pakistan. It’s the purest salt in the world and doesn’t undergo all sorts of chemical processing before being sold. It contains trace elements of many beneficial minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc, which give it its signature pinkish-orange colour.

How Can You Use Himalayan Salt?

There are plenty of claims about the health benefits of Himalayan salt, and while there is not much hard scientific data yet to support those claims, there are plenty of anecdotal reports. 

himalayan salt for Christmas powell river cooking

Himalayan salt can be used in a variety of ways to promote health and wellness. In recipes, you can replace your ordinary table salt with Himalayan salt and benefit from the unprocessed product and all the extra minerals it contains. Slabs of the salt can be used to cook on, as they conduct heat very evenly, or they can be frozen to use as a presentation tray for chilled or frozen food and desserts. The slabs enhance the flavours of the food cooked or served on them. 

For wellness, Himalayan salt can be used as a relaxing foot soak or bath additive. Its effects are similar to Epsom salts but without chemical processing. Himalayan salt is often used in body scrubs and other skincare products, as well.

If your starting to get a sore throat, you can gargle with a Himalayan salt water mixture, and it can help relieve some of the pain. Some people also report better sleep and relief from migraines when using Himalayan salt in their diet. Many people have said that using Himalayan salt and having salt lamps around the house has helped reduce their allergy and asthma symptoms and helps them breathe easier. 

While there may not be scientific proof yet, it definitely won’t hurt to add some Himalayan salt to your home. If nothing else, they do add a calming, pleasant ambiance to any room, and their yellow and orange light is much easier on your eyes. Salt lamps are a great way to give your eyes a break from the damaging blue light that bombards our eyes all day on our computers and devices.  

himalayan salt for Christmas powell river salt lamp sleep bedroom

Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp with Massage Orbs

This is our favourite salt lamp. It includes heated massage orbs. The bowl emits a low-level heat that warms up the salt crystal massage orbs. You can use the warm orbs for kneading out sore or stiff muscles. Return them to the bowl when you’re done, and they’ll be warm again in a little while. This is the perfect option for your friend or family member who works long hours at their computer and probably has a stiff neck and shoulders. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We also have a variety of classic Himalayan salt lamps. Having one near your computer is said to help neutralize the tiny bits of electromagnetic radiation that electronics produce. They can also help clean the air and add a comfortable, warm glow to your workspace. With a variety of sizes and styles, and even some with USB power cords, they’re the perfect gifts for coworkers. 

Himalayan Salt Pillow

This pillow is another great way to relieve aches and pains all over the body. You can warm it up, or cool it off, and use it similar to heating pads or ice packs. When heated, it can help relax muscles like a hot water bottle. When frozen, it can help bring down inflammation. Salt pillows are a great gift for anyone but would be particularly useful for people who work out frequently or have physically demanding jobs. 

himalayan salt for Christmas powell river aromatherapy

Himalayan Salt Herbal Foot Patches

These foot patches are worn at night and are supposed to help rebalance your body’s pH and draw out toxins, helping you sleep better and experience more energy. They can also help relieve aches and pains, and reduce swelling if you’ve been on your feet for a long day. These are a great gift option for anyone who is on their feet all day for work. 

Why not give Himalayan salt a try? It may not be a miracle cure-all, but it definitely has benefits, and it has great flavour too. The calming ambiance the salt lamps add to a room is definitely serene and relaxing. 

Stop by our garden centre today and check out our array of Himalayan salt products available. Pick up your family and friends something unique for Christmas this year that can help them ease into 2020!

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