If you’re really not sure what gifts would be appreciated by the gardener in your life, don’t despair. There are many lists out there with items that might be cute but aren’t necessarily helpful. Here are 40 ideas we’re sure will be welcome (because we want these too) under the Christmas tree.

1. A custom garden sign, handmade or bespoke from an artist.

2. Strong baskets for harvesting. Wire mesh makes it easy to wash veggies with the hose.

3. A gardener’s journal to help them track planting, growth, and weather year to year.

4. Sturdy but flexible gardener’s gloves for all the spring pruning around the corner.

5. The Felco F2 bypass pruner is the industry standard for a good reason. Felco also makes left-handed pruners for those southpaws.

6. A sharp spade is an invaluable tool. Buy new, or give their existing tools a tuneup.

7. A Japanese Hori Hori knife is part knife, part trowel, and useful for many garden tasks.

8. An apron or tool belt for the gardener that is constantly wondering where their pruners went. 

gifts for gardeners mother nature Powell river

9. A flexible trug for mixing soil, carrying vegetables, water, leaves, or weeds. 

10. A gift certificate for Mother Nature or their favourite seed supplier will always be welcome.

11. A decadent Barefoot Venus lotion to help repair gardener’s hands.

12. UPF/UVA shirts to help protect them on sunny days in the garden. 

13. Bird feeders or bird seed to feed their feathered friends.

14. A telescopic folding rake is sturdy, stores super compact, and lasts longer.

15. A sturdy trowel that won’t bend or break when they dig in the soil with it.

16. A stirrup or hula hoe for easy and fast stand-up weeding.

17. Tomato cages can support many plants, not just tomatoes, and are always handy to have.

gifts for gardeners mother nature Powell river

18. Kneeling pads for soft cushy protection from rocks, mulch, or just hard ground.

19. A gardener’s kneeling bench for less knee pain and an easier time getting up.

20. Garden twine for tying up plants that need support.

21. A flower or plant press so they can preserve the beauty of their summer garden.

22. Plant markers, since gardeners often forget what they planted where. 

23. A sun hat with a chin strap keeps the sun or rain off when they’re working outside.

24. A rain barrel to collect water for plants in the garden or the house. 

25. A compost bin to create a gardener’s black gold, beautiful humus soil.

26. A herb drying rack to preserve their harvest.

27. A watering can with a fine rose spray tip for those delicate seedlings.

gifts for gardeners mother nature Powell river

28. Gardening clogs that are easy to slip on and easy to wash off.

29. A grow light or seed starting kit so they can start their own veggies from seed.

30. A potting bench, custom made if you’re handy, to make it easier on the back.

31. A multi-tier plant stand to beautifully arrange their flower planters.

32. A lightweight but sturdy wheelbarrow for moving all sorts of supplies around the garden.

33. Self-watering planters for those houseplants that might get neglected in the summer.

34. Window boxes or railing planters to brighten up the house and patio.

35. A seed storage container to keep their collection dry, organized, and easy to access.

36. A soil testing kit to help them get the best results from their gardening efforts.

37. A folding pruning saw that stores away safely and makes larger pruning jobs easy-peasy.

38. Raised beds to make gardening a little easier on the back.

39. Cold frames to extend the growing season even longer. 

40. Gift certificates that they can redeem for your help in the garden next year.

Whatever your gardener loves to grow, from houseplants to tomatoes to flowers, there’s always something for them at Mother Nature. And even if after reading through this long list you still aren’t sure, don’t forget about gift cards. Then they can pick out exactly what they want when they want.