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With the mercury already creeping above 20°C, we’re in for another warm, sunny British Columbia summer. Like us, most of the plants in our gardens love to soak up the sun, but also like us, they need a lot more water to keep their roots from feeling parched during the sunny seasons.

Of course, we get our fair share of rainfall here on the coast, but keep in mind that it doesn’t take long for our garden to start showing signs of dehydration. A consistent watering and irrigation system will help keep your lawn, flowers, shrubs, and trees happy and healthy this summer. Take a look at the many garden irrigation systems we have available here at Mother Nature that might suit your landscape’s needs:

Gilmour Timer

Water timers help to save time, water, and even money when it comes to garden irrigation. Easily attach your Gilmour water timer to existing watering systems and program your ideal irrigation schedule, including start time, frequency, and duration of watering. With a convenient Rain Delay feature, this timer will pause your watering schedule to save resources and prevent overwatering.


The Oya is a teardrop-shaped, terracotta pot made of porous clay material that’s planted directly into your garden. Simply bury your Oya up to its neck, leaving the spout visible, and water into the pot instead of directly onto the ground. The roots of the plants within a 3-foot diameter will grow towards the water source, pulling only the water that they need.

Not only does the Oya reduce surface evaporation and runoff by up to 70%, but the slow and efficient use of water also saves you plenty of time. You’ll only have to refill it every 5-10 days, meaning you can enjoy a lush growing garden with less water and less effort!

Green Line Hoses

When it comes to garden hoses, Mother Nature carries two types from Greenline, our yellow hoses, and our blue hoses. Now, both are great options, but our Greenline blue hose will absolutely be the best hose you’ve ever used. They’re incredibly pliable, so when you remove their straps and uncoil them, they will lay perfectly flat without having to lie out in the sun to soften up like many other standard hoses. When you’re finished with it, it will easily coil back up without any kinks or other issues.

Both our yellow hoses and our blue hoses are available in ½ inch and ⅝ inch diameters, with lengths of 25, 50, 75, or 100 feet. The ½ inch option is becoming increasingly popular, as the lighter weight is easier to move around the yard, the difference in water volume is minimal, and since they’re made out of less material, they’re a bit cheaper, too!

Raindrip Watering System

The Raindrip automatic watering system is a convenient, drip irrigation system, perfect for outside plants, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. This system not only preserves water, but it also saves you time when the clock is ticking on that precious summer sunshine.

The automatic watering kit is equipped with a water supply line that easily connects to an outdoor hose bib, and is regulated by a battery-operated timer. Simply run the tubing through the middle of your landscape, and attach various feeder lines to reach all areas of your garden. These lines will drip water directly on the soil for consistent and efficient delivery of moisture!

Blumat Watering Spikes

Blumat’s gravity-fed irrigation systems are extremely easy and great for those who like to travel. Blumat products consist of clay cones that are placed directly in the ground and are connected to a water source like a container or water bottle, by a thin tube. Since clay is porous, the cones will slowly release water as needed, as the soil begins to dry.

A simple system that works great, Blumat provides a line of products for different areas of the garden, from raised beds to outdoor pots, to houseplants. They’re perfect for use at home and at the cabin, so wherever your adventures take you this summer, you can rest assured your plants are happy and hydrated.


No one wants to spend their summer dragging out a heavy garden hose and visiting every inch of the garden every day. With proper irrigation systems taking care of your garden, you can kick back, relax, travel, and savour the summer sun while it lasts.

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