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hemp oil for dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs

We’ve known for many years now the medicinal benefits that cannabis products can have for many human ailments. With the recent legalization, we are starting to explore the medicinal benefits they can have for our furry friends, as well! One product in particular that has been gaining quite a bit of traction is CBD hemp oil, which, as it turns out, could just be the solution to many of our pups’ common troubles! 

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, may sound much more intimidating than it actually is. In fact, any product related to cannabis often does, based on a sheer lack of public knowledge. Why is that? Well, traditionally, we know cannabis as a drug. Which means, when we hear about anything related to it, we assume that product will also produce a “high” effect. 

But here’s a quick science lesson for you! Cannabis is actually made of two main substances that have an effect on our bodies: THC and CBD. THC is a stimulant that reacts with the nervous system to create the “high” effect that makes cannabis a controlled substance. CBD—or cannabidiol—on the other hand, reacts with our nervous system to help regulate pain, anxiety, and nausea, promoting overall relaxation that can be incredibly beneficial. Most cannabis products contain a combination of the two, usually with a stronger presence of THC. However, by isolating CBD away from the THC, we can enjoy all the medicinal benefits without any intoxication! 

The end result of this is an oil, which contains extracted, beneficial CBD that is infused in concentrated amounts to offer pain relief and relaxation in small doses. And, in the case of CBD hemp oil specifically, this beneficial CBD isn’t even extracted from the cannabis plant. It is instead pulled from hemp, a cousin of the cannabis plant which we know best for its use in fabrics and fibres. Hemp naturally contains less THC and more CBD, allowing us to pull exactly what we need. Its oil has also been found to be rich in nutrients and fatty acids, like omegas 3 and 6, that offer even more benefits than just CBD oil alone! 

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Hemp Oil & Dogs

Much in the same way that they have an effect on our body, cannabinoids also interact similarly with our dogs’ bodies. They interact with the nervous system and help to offer similar pain and anxiety relief without making them feel high or sedated. It helps to maintain a healthy, balanced effect on the body, which can work wonders for any of our dear dogs who suffer from anxiety and pain on a regular, daily basis. A simple drop straight in their mouth or on food could make a world of difference!

Research is also being done to show other potential benefits we’ve never had an opportunity to explore before. Soon we could even be hearing about other health results, like seizure relief, heart health promotion, appetite stimulation, and even possible anti-cancer effects!

Possible Side Effects of Hemp Oil for Dogs

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of research has been done on the alternative side effects CBD oil can pose to dogs. However, some possible interactions that may occur, as they do in us humans, are a dry mouth, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. And, like with any medication, we can assume that an overdose could produce and much stronger “high” effect that could be dangerous. Before starting your dog on CBD hemp oil, we always recommend checking with your local vet here in Powell River and discussing the best course of action for your pup. 

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Hemp Oil Products

While CBD hemp oils are widely available across the country for human consumption, we recommend that, when it comes to your dog, you should always stick to a formulation catered to their body. Here are a few companies we have found best and proudly offer to the Powell River community:

Hemp 4 Paws is a Canadian company that prides itself on all-natural, C02-extracted CBD hemp oil formulated especially for our precious pooches. While they do offer the traditional dropper-style tincture, they also have developed topical formulations. Their Skin Therapy can be rubbed onto hot spots, allergic reactions, bug bites, and any other skin ailments to provide immediate relief. They also have a Nose and Paws Protection Balm that can keep the rough skin of their paws and nose from damage from ice, snow, hot surfaces, gravel, and more!

Treatibles, as their name suggests, is a USA-based company that offers both soft and hard treat chews infused with CBD hemp oil, so your dog can feel rewarded for taking his medicine every day! They also offer pill-style capsules, dropper bottles, and topical creams, as well.

Apawthecary Pets is another Canadian company that proudly provides 100% natural products using non-GMO, human-grade ingredients to maintain health and alleviate pain from injury or age. They offer both flavoured drops—with tasty options like bacon and seafood—and unflavoured drops in multiple strengths for dogs with all needs. They also offer a healing salve to use on nose cracks, hot spots, wrinkles, and paws!

Although our knowledge of cannabis-related products may be shrouded in stigma, the medicinal benefits they can have for both our bodies and our dogs are incredible! To learn more about CBD hemp oil for dogs and the benefits you can see in your four-legged family member’s life, visit us today!

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