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Summertime Self-Care with Barefoot Venus

Summertime has us out in the garden day after day, making sure everything looks healthy and beautiful, but it’s important to make time for a little self-care too! Our line of natural beauty products from Barefoot Venus not only feel amazing, but they smell incredible. We can’t get enough of their adorable retro-inspired packages, many of which are designed for refills or repurposing to help reduce landfill waste. (Pssst… The bath salt containers make super cute storage jars once you’ve used them up!) Even better, their products are designed as ‘stand-alone’ containers, meaning they’re totally sufficient on their own and don’t require any extra plastic wrap or unnecessary packaging.

Infused with all-natural essential oils and plant extracts, this botanical beauty line will leave your skin soft, hydrated and absolutely glowing. Here are some of our favorite Barefoot Venus products you should add into your summertime self-care beauty regime:

Barefoot Venus Hand Repair Cream

Any gardener knows that hours spent digging around the yard can leave our hands looking a little rough around the edges. Plus, those of us with big dogs at home who tend to lead the way during walks are no strangers to the ever-dreaded hand calluses left behind from gripping that leash. Luckily, Barefoot Venus has just the thing: a fast-acting hand repair cream formulated with mango seed and shea butter, olive oil, and soybean oil, but without any synthetic parabens, artificial colours, or pore-clogging mineral oils. With so many different fabulous scents like Wildflower, Wild Ginger & Sweet Orange, and Coconut Kiss, it’ll be hard to choose just one. Drop by Mother Nature here in Powell River to sample the different scents available in store. 

lotion wash summer time self care barefoot venus powell river

Barefoot Venus Body Lotion

Using a daily body moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. Some folks with oilier skin are quick to assume that they don’t need a moisturizer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! When our skin isn’t properly hydrated, our body produces more sebum, which causes shiny, oily skin, and can lead to clogged pores and irritated follicles. By exfoliating in the shower regularly, and following up with a light, fast-absorbing moisturizer, your skin will be much more supple and clear. Our line of body lotion from Barefoot Venus is infused with rice bran oil and natural fruit extracts and is available in delicious scents like Lemon Freckle and Lavender Smoke.

Barefoot Venus Bubble Bath

Nothing says self-care quite like a bubble bath— it’s kind of an adorable cliché. But really, after a long day toiling away in the garden or running around with the dogs, nothing relieves tired, achy muscles quite like an aromatherapy bath. The White Tea Bubble Bath collection from Barefoot Venus contains white tea extract, aloe vera, and oats, for an ultra-calming, gentle bubble bath that will help soothe sunburns, bug bites, itchy dry skin, or whatever else might be ailing you after a long afternoon in the garden.

lip balm summer time self care barefoot venus powell river

Barefoot Venus Lip Balm

The Lip Bliss collection from Barefoot Venus is definitely a summertime essential. We’re often quite diligent about sun protection for our skin, but don’t always remember to protect the delicate skin on our lips. If anyone has ever suffered sunburnt lips before, they know it’s a total nuisance (and you can say goodbye to spicy food for at least a week!) Our Barefoot Venus lip balm has meadowfoam seed oil, which acts as an all-natural SPF sunscreen! It’s also packed with several vitamins and antioxidants to help fight the free radicals that damage our skin after too much sun. 

We love what this product does for the skin, and we love how environmentally conscious it is too. Not only is it free from those harsh, carcinogenic chemical sunblocks, but it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable! For an extra-decadent dose of self-care, opt for the Maple Blondie flavour— it’s like dessert in a tube! 

bubble bath argan oil summer time self care barefoot venus powell river

Barefoot Venus Argan Oil

This spray-on body oil features a blend of argan oil, sesame seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and apricot kernel oil that cloaks your skin in luxurious moisture. Available in absolutely heavenly fragrances like Hunny Mango and Pink Pepper, this body oil pretty much doubles as an all-natural perfume. If you haven’t had the chance for a hair trim in a while and you’ve noticed some split ends, or if your hair’s a little fried from heat styling, try rubbing a spritz of the Barefoot Venus argan oil between your hands, and run it through your hair to banish that dry, straw-hair look. 

This is a product we totally stand behind, because not only is it great for the consumer, but the ingredients are ethically sourced! When Barefoot Venus purchases their argan oil, they’re helping to sustain the traditional women’s cooperatives in Morocco by preserving their traditional artisan skills and helping to empower the women creating it.  


After a busy summer taking care of our garden, our home, our family, and our pets, it’s so important to prioritize self-care. You earned it! Visit Mother Nature in Powell River and explore our collection of sumptuous, summertime self-care essentials from Barefoot Venus. 

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