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Your Favourite Christmas Traditions

If you read our recent blog on holiday traditions around the world, you may have also seen our posts on social media asking you to share your own holiday traditions. We were overwhelmed by the responses we got! We were so thrilled to see so many beautiful stories come out of these posts, we couldn’t help but share a few here on the blog. Here are some of the awesome traditions we heard from you!

Believe it or not my favourite Christmas tradition is being thankful for being home for Christmas. For more years than not I have been away, been on duty, or volunteered for duty so young soldiers could be home with their young families. After my Military career was over, I switched shifts and volunteered to work shifts so others could be home to celebrate with their families. 

Now those responsibilities are behind me and I get to be in my new home with my wonderful family, getting our little Charlie Brown tree (pictured left, below), having fun decorating it, and enjoying the love and feeling of the season.”

– Ray Fairweather


“I love Christmas! We have many traditions we do each year. One of my favorites is assembling and decorating a gingerbread house each year with my kids and nieces.”

– Crystal Gallant

“My family has a few Christmas traditions! My favourite is that I buy my daughter a unique ornament for the tree every year, so when she eventually moves out, she will always have her special ornament collection. (12 so far!) 

We also always do a fun Christmas craft together, this year it’s Christmas Gnomes. We also make a gingerbread house together, and her Elf on the Shelf, “Cloe,” watches. On Christmas Eve, we all get new Christmas PJs, and enjoy a delicious family fondue.”

– Pam Mac-wendels

“One of my favourite Christmas traditions is lighting the advent wreath each Sunday.”

– Chantelle Cain

“New jammies on Christmas Eve, an orange in the toe of our Christmas stockings, having family together, and love.”

– Brenda Small


“My favourite Christmas tradition is fighting everyone for mom’s trifle. Doesn’t matter if your stretchy pants are at max capacity—there’s an all out war for it!”

– Crystal Mitchell

“Our family tradition is to cut down our own tree. Then, we decorate it while drinking hot chocolate. Before we moved here, it consisted of praying for less than 2ft of snow, weather warmer than -15, and at least 6 hours of driving, hiking, and exploring. This year was much easier!”

– Tiana Thompson Nordstrom

“This year, I made my own evergreen wreath, the beginning of a new tradition.”

– Alice McCallum

“One of our family traditions at Christmas time is to go to Vancouver and ride on the Christmas train at Stanley Park Bright Night event. It is so magical. It’s wonderful to start this tradition with my son, who is six years old now. This is our third year doing this.”

– Suzanne Andrews

“A funny little tradition my family had growing up was that, after opening our stockings Christmas morning, we would have a breakfast of porridge and there would be an almond hidden in it. Whoever got the almond in their porridge was supposed to be lucky all year. I think I need to restart this tradition with my family this year!”

– Sabrina Mendoza


“We have so many! A favourite is the kids participating in the church’s Christmas Eve service, then hosting with appies and a riveting family game of ‘sjoelbak’ (Dutch shuffleboard) at our home.”

– Elise Statham

“My new tradition is making homemade eggnog! Ahhhhhh…there’s nothing to compare to homemade eggnog!”

– Amy Heather

“We have tourtiere for dinner on Christmas Eve before going to the Christmas Eve service.”

– Myrna Carty

“We have sushi on Christmas Eve. Breaks up the string of 3-4 turkey dinners in a row!”

– Carl Anderson

“My tree topper Santa always goes on our tree. It was my great grandparents’, which would make it over 100 years old!”

– Sue Kimball

“I’m a bit of a Christmas crazy-person, but the tradition I value most involves decorating our tree. My mom had a tiny, red bell she was always allowed to put on her tree growing up, and when she had her own family, it went on our tree. The very last ornament on the tree each year was my mom’s tiny tin bell. She would pick it up, ring it, and place it in the most prominent spot on our tree.

My mom died 9 years ago, and that bell—her bell—is the last ornament on my tree each year. I pick it up, think of my mom, ring it, and then put it front and centre to remind me of her and all of the Christmases of years gone by.”

– Alison Auline-Turley


“We are trying to start a new tradition by not buying gifts and getting into the whole commercial part of Christmas but instead doing Christmas-y things together as a family. Things like skating at Winter Wonderland, touring the Christmas lights, having a “friends and family” party, going to Christmas concerts, having baking days and family painting nights! It’s been awesome so far this year! Merry Christmas to you all!!”

– Amanda Lane

Thank you to everyone who shared their holiday traditions with us! We’re grateful for the wonderful year we’ve had in 2019 and for the support of our fabulous customers. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from the team at Mother Nature!

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