Water conditioners for fish? Do they really work? I’m on a well, so I don’t need them, do I? These questions are asked all the time, and as a long-time fish expert at Mother Nature, I have heard them many times. I always give the same answer: yes, they sure do! Your fish need all the help you can give them, and they will love you even more for all the effort you put into giving them a sparkling clean home with fresh oxygen to live in! 

There are three main water conditioners which are essential for your fish’s well-being. The first one makes your water safe for your fish to live in, the second provides essential beneficial bacteria, and the third is your clean-up crew. Let’s look at each one individually. 

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Making Water Safe and Healthy for Fish

Using: Fluval Water Conditioner 


Water conditioners are used for removing chlorine and chloramine and making the water safe immediately for fish. Fluval has one they call Water Conditioner. Fluval Water Conditioner will neutralize metal toxins, chlorine, and chloramine found in tap water. This all-natural conditioner also contains PHE (pure herbal extracts), which will reduce fish stress caused by transport, handling, and acclimatization. PHE will help to replenish the slime coat all fish have naturally. Your fish’s slime coat is your fish’s immune system; this is what protects them from abrasions, bacterial infections, and disease.  

You can use Fluval Water Conditioner every week when you perform a water change. You should also use it when you set up a new tank, catch, move, or transport fish. Fluval Water Conditioner will also help to heal minor wounds. It is safe to use for both fresh and saltwater aquariums

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Beneficial Bacteria for Fish

Using: Fluval Biological Enhancer 


The second important water conditioner that adds beneficial bacteria to your aquarium is Fluval Biological Enhancer. This important water conditioner is all-natural and creates a safe biological habitat for fish. There are two beneficial bacteria found in Fluval Biological Enhancer, Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter; Nitrosomonas use ammonia as an energy source and reduce it to nitrites. Nitrobacter will then oxidize nitrites into nitrates. Together the two are essential in keeping your aquarium ammonia free. As well, Fluval Biological Enhancer is infused with Bio-Flocs; this means the beneficial bacteria is ready and living in their bio-floc groups, and when you add Fluval Biological Enhancer to a new tank you are also able to add fish right away! Your beneficial bacteria is ready to work against ammonias right away! 

You can use Fluval Beneficial Enhancer every week when performing water changes. For new tanks use once per day for 3 days. 

DAY 1: 25 mL per 10 US Gal (37.8 L) 

DAY 2: 10 mL per 37.8 L (10 US Gal) 

DAY 3: 10 mL per 37.8 L (10 US Gal) 

With regular use, you will completely exclude the establishment of undesirable bacteria, providing a pristine environment for your fish. Safe for fresh and saltwater fish. 

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Fish tank water conditioner-fluval biological cleaner

Your Aquarium Clean-Up Crew 

Using: Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner 


The final water conditioner of your powerhouse trio is the Biological Cleaner. Essentially, the clean-up crew of the tank. The bacteria found in this water conditioner will help to reduce organic waste found in aquariums. Fish waste, decaying leaves, and uneaten food. Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner is infused with Bio-Scrubbers, a different type of beneficial bacteria which will break down waste and promote clean water and living conditions for fish. When using Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner, also use Fluval Biological Enhancer as your Cleaner will result in extra ammonias being created through the clean-up process. Using your Biological Enhancer at the same time will prevent a toxic ammonia spike. Use Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner once per week with your regular water changes. Safe for fresh and saltwater fish. 

Sparkling Clear and Clean Aquarium! 


Creating a pristine environment for fish is a rewarding and challenging experience. Using water conditioners will be a benefit to your regular maintenance schedule. Your fish will be healthier, happier, and live their best lives with you! 

To learn more about water conditioners and about keeping fish in general you can stop by Mother Nature, and one of our aquarium experts will be happy to help you!