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White’s Tree Frog

The White’s Tree Frog is one of the best beginner amphibian pets. They are small and sturdy and can be quite social.

The White’s Tree Frog is one of the best beginner amphibian pets. They are small and sturdy and can be quite social. With the right size terrarium, you can even keep several together! Curious to learn more? Let’s hop right in!

White’s Tree Frogs are arboreal frogs. This means they live in trees, not surprising considering their name! These frogs have long legs and suctions on the pads of their feet to aid them in climbing. Native to Australia and Southern New Guinea, White’s Tree Frogs prefer a moist humid environment, but have adapted to some drier climates due to their origins.


Your frog will need to have daytime heat and a nighttime heat. As they are nocturnal this is important for them to regulate their eating patterns.

Daytime Heat – 75 – 85°F

Nighttime Heat – 68 – 75°F

Use a reliable thermometer to keep a record of heat.


White’s Tree Frogs do not need any special lighting requirements, they do not need UVB but if some is offered it will do them no harm. You can use a 5% UVB light for them. It is important to keep a good 12-hour daytime and 12-hour nighttime schedule for them.


You can build a good foundation of large gravel covered with pesticide free soil for your frog. Cover large areas with bark and fill in surrounding spots with sphagnum moss. You should have no exposed soil. Use plenty of branches and sturdy amphibian safe plants for climbing and hiding. You should be creating a mini forest for them to live inside.

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

Prayer Plant

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)




As a frog, humidity is very important! Even though Whites’s Tree Frogs can handle a little dryer condition, you never want their skin to completely dry out. Keep the humidity for your pet at 60 – 70%. You can use a drip system or automatic mister to help. Place a soaking dish in the enclosure as well for them to soak in when they would like to. Always treat your water with an amphibian water conditioner.


White’s Tree Frogs are prone to obesity. Here is how you can tell if your pet is in good shape. Take a look just above the eardrum, your pet should have ridges there. If the ridges are large and sagging then this indicates overweight, if there are no ridges then this means that your pet is underweight.

Feed approximately every 2 – 3 days for average frogs and every day for juveniles. You can vary the schedule depending on the weight of your pet. White’ Tree Frogs enjoy the following.

Live Crickets


Beetles & Cockroaches



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