Gardens aren’t just a space for beauty; they’re a place we can find some relaxation from the chaos of daily life. By adding more features to our outdoor spaces, we can create a sanctuary to escape to right in our own backyard. And while we can never have too many fragrant flowers, nothing else adds a soothing touch like the tranquil trickling of a water feature.


The Benefits of Water Features

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a spa of any kind, chances are that you’ve encountered the gentle, calming sound of trickling water. There’s something about the sound of moving water that calms the body and sets us at ease. You can get the same effect in your garden by replicating that relaxing experience at home. Not only will you enjoy that sigh of instant relief as you step out into the garden, installing a water feature has other practical benefits, too!

Boosted Humidity: Perfect for those scorching summer days where watering never seems to be enough, water features add to the moisture in the air, which helps to cool your plants. This is especially true for any tropical plants, which helps them to stick it out in our dry climate here in Canada.

Creates a Habitat for Wildlife: From bathing birds to thirsty bees, a water feature creates a natural gathering place for wildlife, including beneficial insects! Better yet, nasty mosquitoes won’t find their home here, as the constantly moving water keeps them at bay.

Visual Appeal: Water features aren’t just around for the soundtrack; they’re also beautiful to look at. No matter which type or style of feature you want, the options are limitless for creating a stunning addition that beautifully complements your existing garden design.


garden fountain water feature


Types of Water Features

Depending on the style you are looking to achieve, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to water features. Here are a few to consider:



Fountains are among some of the most popular options for water features, creating a mini-waterfall effect right outside our kitchen window. They are easy to find, incredibly versatile, simple to install, and just add a simple essence of elegance to the yard.

There are many options to consider when looking at fountains, from larger stone pieces that are great for adding into the landscape to smaller patio-sized pieces, like a bamboo spitter. Whether you’re looking to fill a small corner of a tiny yard, or create a large focal point in a sprawling garden, there’s a perfect size, shape, and colour to fit your aesthetic.



Ponds are another popular choice for those that don’t mind a little added work for installation and upkeep. They’re a great way to create a visual centrepiece for the yard that ties everything together. Unlike fountains, they command attention in the space, creating a visual focus that is naturally beautiful. You can even add a waterfall feature to your pond to mimic a natural babbling brook.

While we may not offer installation here at Mother Nature, we certainly carry all the materials and advice you need to get your project started—from fish-safe liners to pumps to plants. Plus, we’ve even got a selection of goldfish and koi to fill it up once it’s finished!


Water Bowls

Water bowls aren’t just for the dogs! Garden water bowls are outfitted with a pump to create a constant overflowing and cascading water effect in the garden. They’re beautifully designed and come in a range of elegant materials, which makes them just right for adding a touch of luxury to the backyard.

While just one water bowl will look stunning on a sunny summer day, especially when surrounded by a beautiful bed of plants, two or three of them in a row can also be a fantastic way to add a sense of flow and guidance through your space. A row of water bowls along a garden path give the eye a visual line to follow and creates movement in the overall garden design.


garden water features bird bath fountain


With just a little bit of setup and maintenance, a water feature is one of the most impactful ways to create a multisensory experience in your space. No matter which style of water feature you opt for, the sight and sound of trickling water surrounded by your garden greenery will instantly transform your yard into a relaxing getaway.


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