Throughout history, crystals have held a special place in various cultures and civilizations. The Ancient Sumerians, who thrived in southern Mesopotamia from around 4100 to 1750 BCE, integrated crystals into their magical practices, recognizing their unique properties.

Similarly, traditional Chinese Medicine, with a rich history of over 5000 years, has long utilized crystals for healing purposes. This enduring belief in the power of crystals speaks to their timeless allure and the profound impact they have had on human practices and beliefs across the ages.

When it comes to crystals today, there is a vast array of practices and beliefs that individuals adhere to in order to harness their metaphysical properties. Whether using crystals for healing or spiritual purposes, the importance of re-charging and cleansing them is widely recognized.

Re-charging your crystals can be done in various ways, such as exposing them to the full moon or dark moon phases or utilizing specific types of water for revitalization. Some crystals may require more frequent recharging depending on their energy levels and usage.

Cleansing your crystals is another essential practice to maintain their effectiveness. This can be achieved through methods like smudging with sage, immersing them in saltwater, or simply allowing them to absorb the purifying energy of sunlight or moonlight.

With the diverse range of practices associated with crystals, it becomes apparent that each individual may have their own unique approach based on personal preferences and the specific properties of the crystals being used. The beauty of working with crystals lies in the flexibility and creativity that comes with exploring these different techniques.

For many of us a crystal means the beautiful suncatcher we place in the window. A crystal in the window allows natural light to enhance the natural appearance of crystals. In Feng Shui, crystals are used to promote harmony and balance. A crystal in the window will also attract positive energy.

Hanging a crystal suncatcher in the window for many means a spiritual connection. Clear sight, intuition, and integrity. The crystal will increase positive thinking and feelings of hope, as well as cultivate creativity and concentration.

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