Some people are tougher than others to shop for during the holidays. What could you possibly get for someone who has everything? This year, skip the mall and consider giving houseplants! We think houseplants are perfect presents because they keep on giving all year long. We’ve got plenty of options for Christmas gift plants in Powell River, even ones for professed plant killers. Here are some great houseplants to give this season!


Poinsettias are perfect for that person who loves dramatic flowers but doesn’t want to take care of a plant. They’re a Christmas classic, and since they’re a bit finicky, most people are fine with tossing them in the compost heap after the holidays. Be careful when delivering a poinsettia; they’re very tender to cold. Keep them covered in plastic from the garden center to your destination to keep drafty weather off their delicate flower bracts. If it’s below zero the day you deliver it, give it an extra layer of protection with a blanket, or wait for a warmer day to make your delivery.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus, or Schlumbergera, are great for that plant-loving friend who has leafy green friends in every room of their home. They’re a nostalgic holiday favourite that so many of us grew up seeing in full bloom at Grandma’s house. They’re not quite as delicate as poinsettia, but it’s very important to protect them from the cold as well. There are so many gorgeous colours of schlumbergera available, from vibrant red to hot pink or tangy orange, so you can match your cactus to your friend’s favourite shades!


Amaryllis are perfect for people who love glamorous decor. These bold blooms are dramatic and exotic. Amaryllis are available in a beautiful range of colours, and they grow super fast. The best part is, even if your friend has no idea how to care for plants, amaryllis requires virtually no effort to produce its stunning display! Waxed amaryllis bulbs are completely foolproof, even for the blackest of thumbs. Just set them in a prominent spot near a window, then watch as they burst into bloom within weeks! There are also amaryllis kits available that come with a pot, the perfect amount of dehydrated soil, and a booklet of care instructions—for those friends who are more botanically inclined!

Spider Plant

Spider plants are a perfect holiday gift for a friend that is just starting to get interested in gardening but is a little unsure how well they’ll do with a live plant. They’re extra resilient, even if watering gets forgotten now and then, and they’ll survive even in fairly low light situations. They’re also rewarding; it’s fun to watch your spider plant produce little “babies,” which your giftee can then share with other friends!

Snake Plant

Snake plants, or Sansevieria, are an awesome gift for any occasion. There are several varieties of snake plants, from cute and tiny to large and aggressive with sharp spiky leaves. Snake plants add a touch of modern edge to any home or office. Best of all, they’re seriously tough. They don’t care if they only get watered once a month. They don’t really care if they get re-potted. They’re as happy in bright window light as they are under fluorescents or LEDs. If your friend is too busy to care for a plant, a snake plant is still a great choice. Whenever you visit your friend, sneak it a drink, and it’ll probably still be green and gorgeous for next Christmas!

If you’re stumped for Christmas present ideas, stop by our garden centre to find some holiday inspiration. We’ve got tons of gorgeous houseplants to choose from, and we’ve also got plenty of other non-plant ideas, from home decor and giftware to pet accessories for cats, dogs, reptiles, hamsters, birds, and even aquarium fish. With just one visit, you can cross off just about everything on your holiday prep list! 

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