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How to Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors

Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors Mother Nature Powell River

Tropical plants are fantastic for brightening up our homes during the dreariest months of winter. But when the temperatures start to rise, they’ll appreciate some time outside to soak up the sun and fresh air! However, you need to be mindful when moving tropical plants from inside to outside—if you do it too suddenly, or […]

7 Happy Houseplants to Brighten Up the Last Stretch of Winter

happy houseplants to beat the winter blues powell river mother nature

Winter is so close to being over, but those last few weeks seem to go by so slowly! If you’re growing weary from gray skies and crummy weather, we’ve got the perfect happy booster to brighten your spirits: houseplants! You’d be amazed at the effect that these happy houseplants can have on your energy and […]

How to Grow the Best Winter Citrus Indoors

how to grow indoor winter citrus mother nature powell river

Growing citrus trees as houseplants indoors has only grown even more popular since we first wrote about it last year.  Everyone seems to have one these days, and people all over the world are enjoying the challenge of growing these tangy, tasty fruits in decidedly un-tropical settings.    What Are the Best Citrus Trees to […]

How to Protect Fido from Dog Flu

pets flu protection Mother Nature Powell river

It’s not just humans that have to battle through the cold and flu season every year. Your pets can experience illnesses as well. Here’s what you need to know about the most common pet illnesses.   Upper Respiratory Infections The most common upper respiratory infection in pets is kennel cough. Like the common cold runs […]

How To Care for Houseplants in the Winter

How to Care for Houseplants in Winter Mother Nature Powell River

Winter can be just as challenging for our houseplants as it is for us. The days are shorter and can be overcast, so they get less light overall. The air in our homes can be very dry when the furnace is on, making it hard for plants to retain moisture. When we open doors to […]

Protect Your Pet’s Paws This Winter

best dog paw winter protection tips

Most of the year, a dog’s paws act like built-in shoes. The leather skin pads are resilient to most surfaces and weather. But winter for a dog can be hard on the feet. Exposure to snow, ice, and salt can lead to frozen toes, frostbite, and cracks in the skin. Here are the best tips […]

December Birth Flowers and Their Meaning

December birth flowers meanings

December is just around the corner, which means there are plenty of gifts to get for the holidays! For the loved ones in our life who are born in December, the gift-giving piles up, and it can be difficult to think of what to give. Not only are birth flowers extremely meaningful and symbolic, they’re […]

The Ultimate Guide: 40 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

gifts for gardeners mother nature Powell river

If you’re really not sure what gifts would be appreciated by the gardener in your life, don’t despair. There are many lists out there with items that might be cute but aren’t necessarily helpful. Here are 40 ideas we’re sure will be welcome (because we want these too) under the Christmas tree. 1. A custom […]

Garden Tool Care and Maintenance

garden tool care and maintenance mother nature

How to Get Your Garden Tools in Ship Shape! Before we know it, we’ll be right into the thick of gardening season in Powell River. If you haven’t given your garden tools a bit of care and maintenance yet, now is the time to get it done. A little bit of cleaning, conditioning, and sharpening […]

An Easy Guide to Late Winter Fruit Tree Care

late winter fruit tree care mother nature

Winter is still hanging on in Powell River, but spring is most definitely just around the corner, which means it’s time for a little late-winter fruit tree maintenance. Towards the end of winter is when you need to start thinking about pruning most of your fruit trees to help them produce a full crop of […]