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Safe, Fun Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Activities with Small Pets

activities for small pets outdoors Mother Nature Powell river

Do you have small pets like guinea pigs, ferrets, or rabbits? Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great time to give our little furry friends some fresh air and exercise. However, it’s important to watch your pets closely during outdoor activities. Be diligent about removing any possible dangers so you can enjoy […]

7 Foolproof Ways to Flood-Proof Your Landscape

how to flood-proof your landscape Mother Nature Powell river

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, not floods! Have you had trouble with flooding in your landscape during the rainy season? If so, it’s time to make some necessary changes to flood-proof your yard and garden. Whether you need a quick fix or a major landscape overhaul, there are several options you can […]

The Best Crops to Grow for All of Your Pets

Growing Crops for Pets Mother Nature Powell River

Growing a vegetable garden is fantastic for creating a reliable, steady food supply for you and your family—but it can also provide food for your pets! We’re passionate about providing pets with the healthiest food options available, but if the deluxe food brands are a bit outside of your price range, planting organic crops to […]

How to Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors

Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors Mother Nature Powell River

Tropical plants are fantastic for brightening up our homes during the dreariest months of winter. But when the temperatures start to rise, they’ll appreciate some time outside to soak up the sun and fresh air! However, you need to be mindful when moving tropical plants from inside to outside—if you do it too suddenly, or […]

How to Create Outdoor Rooms for a Backyard Retreat

How to create outdoor rooms in your backyard mother nature powell river

An empty yard is like a blank canvas—there’s so much potential to create something beautiful! It’s good to focus on your design layout, creating outdoor “rooms” and functional living spaces to make the most of your backyard. Designing rooms for the backyard involves many key interior design elements, but with a few creative twists and […]

Keeping Spring Activities Safe and Fun for Your Pets

Keeping Spring Activities Safe and Fun for Your Pets Mother Nature Powell River

Spring is such a fun time for pets—they can finally get some activity in the sunshine without having to trudge through cold snow and ice! But after that snow melts, there are some potential dangers to be aware of before you let the pups out for a run around the yard or neighbourhood park. Things […]

Springtime Tutorials: How to Make a Bountiful Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden preparation Mother Nature Powell river

What’s the secret to growing a fantastic vegetable garden with super high yields? Proper preparation! It’s not a difficult undertaking, and it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the payoff of even more delicious, healthy vegetables grown right at home. How to Make […]

How to Go Green: Eco-Friendly Landscapes and Hardscapes

how to go green eco-friendly hardscapes and landscapes Mother Nature Powell river

When we all do our small part, eco-friendly efforts have a significant impact! If you’re daydreaming about your landscaping plans for the spring, take these ideas into account to make sure that you’re taking care of both your yard and mother nature herself.    Eco-Friendly Landscaping When it comes to plants, gardens, shrubs, and trees, […]

How to Grow the Best Winter Citrus Indoors

how to grow indoor winter citrus mother nature powell river

Growing citrus trees as houseplants indoors has only grown even more popular since we first wrote about it last year.  Everyone seems to have one these days, and people all over the world are enjoying the challenge of growing these tangy, tasty fruits in decidedly un-tropical settings.    What Are the Best Citrus Trees to […]

2022 Garden Resolutions

garden guide plan 2022 Mother Nature Powell river

Happy New Year! 2022 can be your best gardening year yet if you have a good plan. Use this garden trend guide to stick to your resolutions and have an incredible year of greenery and growth.    Level Up Your Garden with Composting If you’ve been putting it off year after year, 2022 needs to […]