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The Best Crops to Grow for All of Your Pets

Growing Crops for Pets Mother Nature Powell River

Growing a vegetable garden is fantastic for creating a reliable, steady food supply for you and your family—but it can also provide food for your pets! We’re passionate about providing pets with the healthiest food options available, but if the deluxe food brands are a bit outside of your price range, planting organic crops to […]

How to Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors

Bring Your Tropical Plants Back Outdoors Mother Nature Powell River

Tropical plants are fantastic for brightening up our homes during the dreariest months of winter. But when the temperatures start to rise, they’ll appreciate some time outside to soak up the sun and fresh air! However, you need to be mindful when moving tropical plants from inside to outside—if you do it too suddenly, or […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in a Heat Wave

how to cool down a dog mother nature powell river

The heat dome that’s been hovering over western Canada this summer has been pretty miserable—and not just for humans. When it’s too hot for us, it’s too hot for our pets, too. When the outside air temperature is 25ºC, and the sun is shining, pavement can be as hot as 51ºC! So when we hit […]

Bugs Be Gone! Send Mosquitos Packing With These Plants

Bugs Be Gone plants that repel mosquitos mother nature

Mosquitos—everyone’s least favourite summer party guest. They’re rude, they overstay their welcome, they have no personal boundaries, and they certainly don’t do social distancing of any kind. While it’s hard to revoke a party invitation since they never got one in the first place—you can repel those bugs! Strategic container planting will help make your […]

Just-Arrived Annuals: Proven Winners for Sun or Shade

2021 Proven Winners Annuals for Sun or Shade Mother Nature

It’s always a great day when our first shipment from Proven Winners arrives here in Powell River. The new 2021 lineup of annual flowers from Proven Winners is just gorgeous, as usual. These reliable and high-impact annuals are going to go fast, so don’t wait to stop by and see them!   Superbells Calibrachoa Calibrachoa, […]

Summertime Self-Care with Barefoot Venus

mother nature summer time self care barefoot venus powell river feature

Summertime has us out in the garden day after day, making sure everything looks healthy and beautiful, but it’s important to make time for a little self-care too! Our line of natural beauty products from Barefoot Venus not only feel amazing, but they smell incredible. We can’t get enough of their adorable retro-inspired packages, many […]

Planting Summer Bulbs in Spring

As soon as spring arrives, spring bulbs planted in the fall start peeking out to say “hello.” But what if life just got too busy and you missed your fall bulb planting window? We don’t fault you for it— with so many holidays scrunched into that time of year, sometimes those fall bulbs, well, fall […]