Water Conditioners and Why They Are So Important

Mother_Nature_Garden_Centre-Powell_River-Fish_tank_water_conditioner-fish_in_clean_fish tank

Water conditioners for fish? Do they really work? I’m on a well, so I don’t need them, do I? These questions are asked all the time, and as a long-time fish expert at Mother Nature, I have heard them many times. I always give the same answer: yes, they sure do! Your fish need all […]

Beat the Heat and Stay Cool: Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Summer

Mother Nature Garden Centre - how to keep your pets cool in the summer -dog cooling off by a fan

Our weather has become unpredictable. We now have new weather, such as “atmospheric rivers” and “heat domes.” We never seem to know from one week to the next what is really going to happen. Rain? More rain? Hail? Sun? Or the dreaded Heat Dome? https://mother-nature.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Blog-Video-MN-June-13-2022.mp4 We all can agree that the weather is changing, and […]