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The Power of Positivity within a Crystal

Throughout history, crystals, also referred to as suncatchers, have been utilized for healing, creativity, positivity, and meditation purposes for thousands of years.

Our Feathered Friends in Winter

Our feathered buddies are in for a tough time during these months. They’ve got to hustle hard just to keep warm! Wild bird suet will help! This high-calorie snack is like a warm hug for our avian amigos.

Pollinators Need Your Help In Fall!

When Fall sets in many pollinators struggle to find enough food. Learn which plants are best to carry pollinators into fall and prepare for winter.

Going With The Flow: Picking Your Perfect Pond Pump

Mother nature garden center - picking the perfect pond pump-pond with water feature

It’s summertime and we are sitting pondside: beautiful blooming plants, happy splashing fish, cocktails by the soothing sounds of trickling water. Yes, I can hear it all now, or rather, wait, what’s that sound? Actually, there is no sound! Oh no, time for a new pump!   Okay, this is slightly dramatic, but some of […]