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Going With The Flow: Picking Your Perfect Pond Pump

Mother nature garden center - picking the perfect pond pump-pond with water feature

It’s summertime and we are sitting pondside: beautiful blooming plants, happy splashing fish, cocktails by the soothing sounds of trickling water. Yes, I can hear it all now, or rather, wait, what’s that sound? Actually, there is no sound! Oh no, time for a new pump!   Okay, this is slightly dramatic, but some of […]

How To Choose The Best Container for Your Houseplants

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Choosing the Best Container for Your Houseplants- plant pots for new houseplants

Your plants make your home a nicer place, so why not give them a comfy place to live too? Houseplants thrive in the perfect container, which is essential to their well-being. Your planter’s size and shape and the soil or potting mix you choose directly affect how much water it can soak up. A well-maintained […]

Growing at Home: Common Tomato Pests and How to Fight Them

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Common Tomato Pests in Powell River-damage from pests on tomato foliage

Many different pests like to munch on tomatoes—and who can blame them? There’s no denying that homegrown tomatoes are ridiculously flavourful!  In the garden, tomatoes are susceptible to various pests, which may require you to fight several battles before enjoying the fruits of your labour. With these tips, however, it can be easy. We’ve outlined […]

7 DIY Design Ideas to Make Your Fire Pit More Interesting for Summer

Mother Nature Garden Center - How to make your fire pit more interesting-people roasting marshmallows

Hanging out with friends and family around the fire pit is one of the best ways to spend a summer night. It’s the perfect setting for making memories and sharing laughs! While a simple fire pit and some chairs will suffice, it’s nice to put some effort into your design to make it feel more […]

The Science Behind Gardening & Its Mental Health Benefits

mother nature garden center - person smelling roses in garden

We’re lucky to live in a time when mental health can be an open discussion and has less stigma, and if we need help, there are many options to pursue. Depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health issues many of us face. While there are several different forms of therapy and ways […]

How to Care for Your Veggies Through the Summer

Mother Nature Greenhouse -How to Care for Your Vegetable Gardens in Summer-gardening with vegetables

Growing summer vegetables is becoming increasingly popular, and we’re seeing many people taking an interest in it for the first time! The best thing about vegetable gardening is that even first-timers can achieve incredible results, so long as they understand the basic requirements. If you stick to a consistent care routine and know which problems […]

The 4 Different Varieties of Trees and Why We Love Them

-japanese maple and evergreen trees 1

There are thousands upon thousands of different tree varieties in the world, but from a landscaping perspective, they all tend to fall into four main categories. If you’re considering planting a new tree in your yard, take a look through this guide to different types of trees to determine which one is right for you! […]

Keep an Eye Out for These Tomato Plant Diseases

Mother Nature Greenhouse - Common Tomato Diseases-tomato magnifying glass

Are you growing tomato plants in your garden this year? Well, you should! The payoff of buckets and buckets of juicy, flavourful, homegrown tomatoes is well worth the effort. You can use them in so many different recipes and preserve them into sauces to last through the winter! However, if you want to ensure your […]

Cute & Creative Decorations to Make Your Garden Uniquely Yours

mother nature - how to decorate your garden-trellis in garden

Gardens are naturally bursting with colour and plenty of visual interest, but if you want them to reflect your style and personality, it’s all about the accessories! There are many cute garden decorations and beautiful outdoor art you can incorporate into your landscape design. It brings that extra spark of inspiration and personal flair!  Personalize […]

Make a Dog Bowl Planter, So Your Pooch Can Water the Plants!

Mother Nature dog dish planter

Dogs don’t have quite as refined table manners as we do, but instead of begrudgingly mopping up the splash zone after they go in for a drink of water, why not make the most of their messy habits? Create a dog planter bowl full of plants that get watered every time your pup gets thirsty. […]