Keep your outdoor containers and houseplants festive for Halloween with these spooky plants! This blog features indoor and outdoor plants with dark foliage to turn up the spook factor in your home and front yard for trick-or-treaters. 


Indoor Houseplants for Chilling Decor 


Raven ZZ 

In the same way that Halloween and ravens go together, Raven ZZ’s make a perfect addition to your indoor Halloween decor. This variety of ZZ Plant features unique “black” foliage—a purple-green colour that deepens as the plant ages, giving you a haunting and striking plant that your autumn guests simply won’t believe is real.

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Plants for Halloween-lithops

Lithops Succulents

These desert succulents make excellent Halloween houseplants for their unique critter-like appearance. Lithops grow only a few inches above the soil surface and have two leaves. They have thick, padded leaves that look like clefts on animal feet or clusters of stones grouped together. They are perfect houseplants for tiny apartments, bedroom window sills, or well-lit countertops. 


Black Magic Plant 

Known for its magnificent foliage, the black magic colocasia plant has heart-shaped, smoky, black-purple leaves that create an absolutely show-stopping display. Mature plant leaves are quite large, lending an ominous yet elegant presence, perfect for the spooky season. 

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Plants for Halloween-fittonia plant

Nerve Plant 

Home decor can be spookier with nerve plants, which are super easy to maintain. The plant has dark green leaves with white, pink, or blood-red veins contrasting sharply with the dark green leaves. Plants like this are traditionally grown as potted houseplants and make wonderful additions your Halloween decor. Consider placing your nerve plant in a light-coloured container to contrast its deep green leaves and complement its veiny look! 


False Aralia   

The almost black leaves of the False aralia are perfect for Halloween decor, appearing similar to the bony limbs of a zombie or monster. As the leaves mature, they become dark green—almost black—with saw-tooth edges and long, narrow, coppery leaves. False aralia plants need well-draining solid soil or potting mix to truly thrive, along with bright indirect light inside your home. 



Outdoor Plants for Your Front Porch or Front Yard


‘Blacknight’ Alcea rosea

This dark perennial lends an air of mystery to your landscape or front porch display. It features deep purple flowers so dark they could almost pass for black. Blooming in mid to late summer, you’ll be able to enjoy this autumnal beauty well into the fall season in your front porch containers. 

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Plants for Halloween-heuchera

‘Black Pearl’ Heuchera

This perennial plant will add spookiness to your outdoor garden or front porch containers. The glossy, jet-black leaves of ‘Black Pearl’ have scalloped edges, which add texture to your container designs. Dappled shade is best for most heucheras, with moist, well-draining soil that has some added compost for nutrients.


Blackhawks Ornamental Grass

This variety emerges from deep green to dark purple and deepens to near black by fall. An excellent ornamental grass for adding texture to your fall flower beds and front porch Halloween containers, Blackhawks would look excellent contrasted along fluffier plants like oakleaf hydrangeas or fall mums. You can expect this grass to grow anywhere from four to five feet in height.

‘Night Embers’ Sedum 

A succulent plant with dark black-purple, partially glossy leaves, this plant is commonly known as an autumn stonecrop. This late-season perennial is adored for its uniform upright growth habit and irresistible fall foliage. It provides seasonal interest and food for birds if left to stand on your front porch through the winter.

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Plants for Halloween-black mondo grass

Black Mondo Grass

This grass-like plant forms clumps of nearly black foliage that are compact and dense. Like a black ornamental grass, Black Mondo Grass is perfect for adding drama to Halloween containers and can also be grown as an accent in flower beds and fall vegetable gardens. Flowers appear early through midsummer, followed by purplish-black berries in the fall.


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