Garden Plants Featuring This Year’s Pantone Colour: Viva Magenta

You know 2023 is going to be a good year when Pantone’s colour choice is Viva Magenta! It’s practically the colour of excitement and the energy of all things bold, adventurous, and luxurious about a garden. We at Mother Nature have been having a ton of fun playing around with Pantone colour-inspired garden designs, and we hope you incorporate some of this incredible colour into your Powell River, BC garden this summer. Whether you’re looking to completely commit to an entire jewel-toned garden, or you just want to add some vibrant hues here and there, these are some of our favourite Magenta-coloured plants that will fit perfectly into any garden space! 


While the red rose is a classic, we’re after magenta this year! Try a few rose varieties with that deep Pantone colour of the year, like the Oso Easy Peasy, an award-winning shrub rose with a knack for making any jewel garden a hit. It blooms from early summer to fall, meaning you can show off your magenta mastery for months! The Roseberry rose is another stunning candidate for a Pantone colour garden plant, and might just become one of your favourites!

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Garden Plants With This Years Pantone Colour-dahlia


Every garden needs a dahlia, and it’s the go-to plant for a perfect Pantone colour garden. A late-season bloomer, dahlias have many varieties with outstanding shows of colour. For a splash of Viva Magenta, try Magenta Star, Daisy Duke, Pom Pom Burlesca, or Pink Sylvia. The large flower blooms on these dahlia varieties are sure to satisfy your Pantone magenta longings and will easily steal the show when displayed in a flower bed or container.


You may not often think about using orchids in your garden because of their exotic, delicate appearance, but they’re a perfect fit for your Pantone colour garden this summer! The Orchid Phalaenopsis Magenta will love the warmer summer days outdoors, soaking up the adoration of your flower-loving neighbours all over Powell River! Remember to bring them indoors before the weather turns cold, though, and enjoy the dynamic energy of this orchid year-round

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Garden Plants With This Years Pantone Colour-chrysanthemum


No Pantone colour-themed garden is complete without a few stellar chrysanthemums! Many cultivars from this vibrant colour scheme are award-winners, too, and the Regal Mist Purple, Cheryl Pink, and Grandchild varieties add an especially beautiful texture and rich colour to flower beds and container gardens. Remember to deadhead your mums and overwinter them to extend their blooming cycle and enjoy them again next year.


A popular flower for many gardeners, the clematis’ amazing blooms are the perfect addition to your garden! A vining perennial, this plant will easily steal the show all summer long. For Pantone-coloured Viva Magenta varieties, try the Pink Champagne, Alita, Marta, or the Ville De Lyon, famous for their deep magenta tones and unbeatable country charm. Most varieties of clematis are hungry plants, so make sure you feed and water them often during their active growing cycles. 

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Garden Plants With This Years Pantone Colour-petunias


We have the ultimate flower in mind for a Pantone-themed Viva Magenta garden, and it’s called the Supertunia Vista Fuchsia. This long-blooming flower has a vivid magenta tone that adds a spark to hanging baskets or any jewel-toned garden bed. Use this bushy bloom as a filler or a spiller to celebrate viva magenta like a pro.


When it comes to fan-favourite flowers with a serious personality, peonies are always at the top of the list. For Pantone-coloured garden plants, we think the Magenta Splash, Magenta Melody, Karl Rosenfield, and Sweet Marjorie mingle exceptionally well with other jewel-tone flowers and make a dramatic appearance in any of your collections. Add them to a cottage garden, or display them triumphantly in pots at the front door.

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Garden Plants With This Years Pantone Colour-celosia

Flamingo Feather Celosia

Not only is this Pantone garden plant the ultimate magenta mistress, but it’s a pollinator magnet, too! Blooming on tall stems, this tender annual has a rich pink-silver colour that works marvellously as a feature plant in a border and adds a touch of royalty to any jewel garden or container garden. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, try adding this fiery Pantone flower to a cut flower garden for some extra special bouquets!

If you’re ready to embrace the magic of Pantone’s Viva Magenta, come to Mother Nature and see what we have in store. We’re the best garden centre around if you’re looking to shop Pantone colour plants in Powell River, BC!