As winter draws closer, that means spring is just around the corner! Naturalize and fill in the hard-to-reach spaces in your garden with native wildflower seeds! In this blog, we’ll talk about which wildflower seeds to plant, as well as how and where to plant them.


What Perennials are Native to BC?

Every spring, perennial wildflowers return to bring vibrant colour and beauty to your landscape. But aside from just looking beautiful, these native flowers offer your garden many other benefits as well. Did you know that wildflowers release more oxygen and eliminate carbon monoxide more efficiently than traditional flowers? They also require less ongoing maintenance!

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Starting Perennials from Seed 

There is a common misconception that you will not be able to enjoy perennial flowers in the first year if you start them from seed. Although this is true for some perennial wildflowers, you can sow seeds for certain varieties and experience flowers a short time later in that same season! The best time to plant wildflowers is during the autumn months of September through November, or early spring, depending on the variety. For more information, see our planting calendar!

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What Wildflowers Should I Plant?


Black Eyed Susans 

One of the most beloved North American wildflowers, and for good reason. Every spring, this happy-looking perennial pops up with a gorgeous set of blooms! It’s Rudbeckia fulgida seeds that you want if you are looking for perennials, as black eyed Susan’s come in both annual and perennial varieties. Location-wise, they do best in full-sun environments, enjoying up to eight hours of sunlight per day.


Shasta Daisies 

Plant your daisy seeds in early spring for a long-term investment in beautiful wildflowers year after year. Even better, their blooms last until early fall, so you’ll get to enjoy them for longer than other flowers in your garden. 

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Black Lily 

It’s no surprise that black lilies love dark, moist places, as their striking foliage is as dark as can be! Blooming in the spring, this perennial wildflower showcases flower buds similar to a calla lily, except they are dark and mysterious. For a real display, plant both calla lilies and black lily seeds together for your spring garden this year!


Butterfly Weed  

Don’t let the word “weed” scare you: this perennial wildflower is as elegant as can be! Butterfly weed is best planted in late spring when the soil’s temperature is warmer. As for location, plant this variety in a full sun environment with moist, well-drained soil. 

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Bleeding Hearts 

With foliage so pink and pretty, these perennial wildflowers, also known as Dicentra formosa, do not disappoint when they make their yearly appearance. Plant this perennial wildflower in a lightly-shaded location where it can still receive a good amount of sun. They like to take advantage of the sun in the morning and the shade in the afternoon!

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Planting Wildflowers for a Spring Sprout-lavender


Plant this iconic perennial wildflower seed in your Powell River garden for stunning purple blooms and fragrant flowers every year. Lavender thrives best in locations where they have access to six to eight hours of sun a day, and well-drained soil! 

Are you looking for gorgeous wildflower seeds to spice up your spring and summer gardens? Now is the time to plant! Visit us at Mother Nature in Powell River for all your gardening needs!