Our Top 5 Trending Houseplants for 2021

With more people stuck at home during the lockdown in 2020, houseplants and gardening started trending worldwide. As more and more people got into the houseplant craze, certain plants gained popularity, like Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera deliciosa. These plants will still be popular in 2021, but we’re starting to see a few other houseplants trending for this year as well.


Here are the 5 Trending Houseplants for 2021

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Elephant ear plants started to show up last year, but they didn’t get super popular right away because they’re a little bit trickier and higher maintenance than some other popular houseplants.

Since they started showing up, enthusiastic houseplant collectors have figured out what they need to thrive as houseplants. There are now many videos and blogs out there with advice for alocasia owners, so more people are getting brave enough to give these trendy plants a try.

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These dramatic-looking flowering houseplants are gaining popularity because of their simple minimalist style, with vibrant exotic-looking flowers. Anthuriums have a distinct architectural style that makes a statement alone or in a group with other plants.

They’re also pretty low maintenance plants, though they need lots of bright light to bloom well. If your anthurium is in a low-light location, they’ll produce leaves but are unlikely to bloom.

trending houseplants 2021 mother nature

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are trending again because of their simple beauty and super low maintenance requirements. They are reliable, tough as nails, and very forgiving as houseplants. Whether you’re a first-time houseplant owner or a seasoned plant parent, a Chinese evergreen can add understated beauty to your collection for years to come.

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Coffee Arabica

Coffee plants have started showing up as houseplants in garden centres across the country in the past year, and they’re steadily gaining popularity. Part of the popularity is probably the idea of growing your own coffee beans, but if that’s your goal, you’ll have to be patient!

If you can closely replicate the humid conditions a coffee plant naturally grows in, you may get a few berries (known as “coffee cherries”) that contain your favourite caffeine-laden beans once your plant is 4-5 years old.

trending houseplants 2021 mother nature

Prayer Plants

Prayer plants, including both calathea and maranta, have been popular for a while already, but they’re getting even more popular now, as more and more varieties become available.

There is quite a diverse range of prayer plants out there, with so many different colour variations, leaf styles, and unique variegations. Prayer plants are surprisingly low-light tolerant, which makes them great plants for north-facing windows. Have you started building a Calathea collection yet?

We’ll be doing our best to keep an excellent selection of unique, trending, and hardy, reliable houseplants in stock at Mother Nature this year. We love that houseplants have become so popular because they’re great for your health and wellness—so important during days like these!

If you’re looking for a new plant buddy to bring home, or if you’re just getting interested in houseplants, stop by our garden centre and have a look around. We can help you find the perfect plant to take home!