Love yourself in a hat!

Faces are all different and finding a hat to fit can seem hard to do at times! Find your perfect hat here!

I don’t look good in a hat!

Unless you are already an avid hat wearer chances are you have plunked a hat onto your head, looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, no way. Hats do not look good on me!

But what if you could wear a hat and look in the mirror and love it? What if you have just been wearing the wrong hat? Or had the wrong angle? For true hat lovers, hats are so much more than just keeping your head dry, or your face shaded. A hat is an extension of your personality. A good hat will balance with your body’s beautiful proportion’s and not exaggerate the ones we prefer to hide. A perfect hat will dress up your outfit, flatter your face, and define your inner style.

A Hat for Every Face

First, when choosing a hat you need to know your face shape. Round, oval, square, heart, and diamond are the most common face shapes. Not sure of your face shape? Here is a quick way to see what shape your face is.

  • Face Length, measure from the top of hairline to the lowest part of your chin.
  • Face Width, measure from the centre of your face across your nose from hairline to hairline. Keep the measure straight, don’t bend the tape.
  • Cheekbone Width, find the highest point of your cheekbones and measure the space between them the same way you measured your face width.
  • Jawline Width, measure from just below your ear to the centre of your chin, for this measure you can keep the tape against your skin. Multiply by 2.

Square Face – Face Width and Face Length are nearly equal.

Diamond Face – Face Length and Cheekbone Width are nearly equal.

Oval Face – Face Width and Cheekbone Width and Jawline Width are nearly equal.

Heart Face – Pointed Chin with Forehead being the widest part of the face.

Round Face – A square face with slightly softer edges.

Find the Perfect Hat

Hats off to you! Let’s see which hat is perfect for your beautiful head!

Square Faces

Best hats are soft and floppy. Bowler, newsboy, baseball, and best of all floppy! Avoid hats such as fedora and trilby.

Diamond Faces

Best hats are outback, fedoras, beanie, and flat caps. Avoid hats such as floppy and brims the sit directly across the forehead.

Oval Faces

Most hats suit oval faces, some favorites to choose from are small flare brim hats, outback hats, berets, bucket hats and floppy. Avoid the beanie hat!

Heart Faces

Heart faces are also lucky for hats! Best hats for hearts is something that covers your forehead. Try fedoras, beanies, cloche, medium brimmed hats are good. Avoid trilby and baseball.

Round Faces

Round faces best hat choices are fedora, trilby, western style hats, newsboy, and panama. Avoid top hats, gambler, and floppy hats.

Our Hats

Here in Powell River we are lucky to experience a full 4 seasons of weather. We have our share of beautiful sun and of course plenty of rain! Our sunroom is full of inspiring gifts for everyone including wide selection of hats. We have outback hats to choose from which will take you keep you dry in rain and shaded in sun, a truly versatile hat. Our other brand of hats is from The Canadian Hat Company.

The Canadian Hat Company has been making hats in Montreal for over 30 years using recycled materials, such as old fur coats, which have been diverted from landfills, helping our climate, and saving thousands of animals as well. Other recycled materials include jeans, vintage ski sweaters, and tweed jackets.

Be Inspired!

Stop by in store and try on hats to find your perfect style! We have a hat for every head!