6 Houseplants to Boost Your Holiday Decorations

Ho, ho, hooray for holiday houseplants! Spectacular varieties like Christmas cacti, amaryllis, anthurium, and more come packed with festive colours and Christmas cheer, and will continue to brighten your home all winter long. Here are six of our favourites to include in your holiday decor this season!

Christmas Cacti 

We can thank the holiday seasons of the 1950s and 60s for popularizing this timeless succulent. Their flowers fill your home with vibrant shades of red, pink, and violet, and they can also survive for decades, up to 50 years or more! Adding a Christmas cactus to your decor this season will surely bring a touch of glam to your home for many years to come!

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Red-Veined Nerve Plant

Nerve plants are sure to make a statement in your home this holiday season. Their stunning, deep-green leaves contrast beautifully with their vibrant red, white, or pink veins, combining all the colours of Christmas into a single, jaw-dropping houseplant that is sure to impress! Plants usually reach a maximum height of about half a foot, with their leaves growing to about 4 inches long. 

These creeping plants require high humidity, and so would be best suited to a space like a bright bathroom. Keep them happy by misting their leaves frequently and ensuring their soil is moist. Nerve plants also work great as part of a holiday-themed terrarium, complete with accents like mini Christmas ornaments and other holiday-themed flowers, to add a festive touch to your powder rooms and other humid areas of your home!



Known for their glossy, dark green foliage and flowers that range from red to yellow, Anthuriums are another excellent Christmas decor offering from Mother Nature. In addition to light shade, they enjoy a warm, humid environment with frequent mistings. 

This houseplant is perfect for table decorations, and can be paired with other houseplants on this list—like white jasmine and amaryllis—to create extra memorable holiday centrepieces. Anthuriums also make for wonderful gifts, allowing your friends and family to enjoy this stunning ornamental plant in their own homes! 

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Red Aglaonema

With foliage as red as Santa’s suit, this no-fuss tropical houseplant offers a gorgeous display of red and pink hues that perfectly complement your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. It prefers indirect medium-to-bright sunlight conditions and will do best in a well-lit space like a living room window, foyer, or bedroom. 



While deep red is the most popular holiday option, these flowering houseplants come in a variety of other colour choices, including white, pink, apricot, and peach. This versatility makes them perfect for decorating since you’re bound to find a variety that perfectly matches your decor and specific style. Amaryllis bulbs do need to be forced to bloom during the winter months, but a bit of patience and know-how will reward you with gorgeous flowers that will last all season long! Showcase your amaryllis blooms by cutting and displaying the long stems in an elegant pitcher or vase.

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White Jasmine 

With its enchanting sweet and fruity fragrance, white jasmine is a wonderful addition to anyone’s holiday decor. Any room will be instantly brightened by its delicate white blooms and pleasant aroma during the dark winter months. Combined with fresh evergreen cuttings from your backyard, these tiny flowers make for eye-catching holiday displays and centrepieces that are sure to delight with both their sight and smell.

Like many of the other houseplants on this list, white jasmine likes to stay hydrated. Be sure to keep their soil moist, and remember to re-pot them come springtime to enjoy them year-round! 

Stop by Mother Nature in Powell River today to find these and other great fresh decor options to boost your holiday interior displays. Our team will point you to the perfect houseplants to match your holiday aesthetic!