Your dog loves a good chew! It’s so much fun, and so many things taste so good! But not everything your dog loves to chew is good for him. While it may seem like a good idea to include our fur family at mealtimes and give them the leftover cooked bones, you should never do this, cooked bones can splinter, break and cause damage to your pet’s mouth, intestines and organs even causing death. 

Luckily for all of us, our pets have a delicious selection of bones which are safe, healthy and you know they will love them!  

Healthy Benefits of Bones

We know dogs need to chew! But, did you know chewing is the best way to keep teeth in tip top shape? Dental health in our pets is as important to them as it is to us. Chewing bones is a good way to help keep your pet’s teeth clean, remove plaque and tartar and keep gums healthy. Chewing also mentally stimulates your dog. Keeping away boredom and entertaining your pet in a good way, encouraging healthy growth and development of their brain. As well, puppies need to chew to relieve the pain of growing teeth. You can begin a positive chewing trend from an early age with proper bone chewing. Dogs have a natural urge to chew. They need to stimulate their jaw bones for healthy development and just a kibble diet alone is not enough chewing stimulation. Bones can help prevent destructive chewing habits from forming before they begin! 

The Best Bones 

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Bully Sticks

Natural bones such as bully sticks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, are made from a single ingredient and are fully digestible. They are suitable for sensitive stomachs and safe for pets with some allergens. 

Smoked Bones

Dyno bones, knuckle bones and bones such as femurs and more are also a single ingredient and safe from many allergens. When treating your pet with a smoked bone always choose the right size for your pet, a too small or too large bone for your pet can be unsafe.   

Raw Bones

Raw bones, such as beef knuckles, turkey and chicken necks, and kangaroo tails, for pets on an exclusive raw diet are an essential addition to their diet. For pets not on a raw diet, they will gain all the same health benefits. Raw bones help your dog to maintain bone density. Raw bones are a good source of calcium which is essential for bone structure and growth, vision, and heart function. The bacteria fighting enzymes in raw meat is essential to your pets dental care. Raw bones also contain minerals which aid in your pets skin and coat. Fully digestible and highly palatable raw bones should be part of every dog’s diet! Like smoked bones, ensure you are feeding the right size bone for your size of pet. 

Pork Rawhide

Pork rawhide is not cowhide! Let’s get that out right away. Pork rawhide is made from the inner layer of pork skin. It’s the same pork we eat in pork rinds. It is 100% digestible and tastes great! Your dog loves pork rawhide. Giving pork rawhide bones to your dog will provide the same mental stimulation and healthy chewing benefits as other bones. Like all bones you need to supervise your pet and choose the right size for your pet. It is good to remember pork rawhide will soften as chewed, so you may want to consider an area which is easy to clean for your dog to have this chew.  

Synthetic Bones

Synthetic bones, like Zeus Nosh and Nylabone are also an essential addition to your pets chewing toy box. Synthetic bones have been around for over 60 years, so they know a thing or two about bones! Synthetic bones have been specially designed and shaped to benefit your pet for mental stimulation, dental health priority and safety to your pet. Synthetic bones come in two styles, pliable and durable. Pliable bones are specifically designed for your pet to really bite into and break apart. These bones are fantastic for gum health, removing plaque and tartar as the bone pushes against the gums, acting much the same way as tooth floss. Durable bones are long lasting bones for dogs to settle in and have a good gnaw. Durable bones provide the mental stimulation and stress reliever which dogs need. They set positive chewing habits and help prevent destructive chewing habits. Synthetic bones last differently for different dogs. Pliable bones are meant to be chewed quickly, their purpose is part of healthy dental care and should be given to your pet occasionally, removing the bone once your pet has broken it up. Durable bones can last for months. These bones are meant to be chewed and scraped up. You will need to replace durable bones once they have been thoroughly chewed on the ends and are no longer roundish. Like other bones you need to choose the right size for your pet. Large dogs should never chew bones too small for them. Always follow the guidelines on the bone packaging. 

So, which bones should my dog have? 

There is a bone for every dog and every dog owner. Bones are picked for many reasons, flavour, texture, health benefits, smell, and digestibility. With each of the above bones, bully sticks, smoked bones, raw bones, and synthetic bones they each have a common factor, all relieve boredom and have health benefits for your pet. Depending on your pet, he or she may enjoy just one type of bone or maybe they are a bone connoisseur and need every bone available! At Mother Nature we like to see our fur friends gain the benefits of all bones! Keep a variety of bones on hand for the maximum benefits. Happily, this is also going to be the maximum joy for your pet too! 

Mother Nature Greenhouse - Give a Dog a Bone --give a dog a bone

Want to see for yourself all the awesome bones we have? Stop by Mother Nature, our pet specialists are knowledgeable and happy to help you find the right size and type of bone perfect for your pets happiness and health!