Spoil Your Dogs & Cats With These Christmas Gifts!


If your pets have had to get used to you being home all year, they deserve to be spoiled this Christmas. While they probably play it off like they’re thrilled to have you home all the time, they’ve had quite an adjustment. Besides just you being around more and interrupting critical naps, they’ve probably also had to dole out extra pets, cuddles, walks, playtime, and emotional support for you and your family this year. 

They’ve seen you at your best, and let’s be honest, probably more frequently at your worst, and still loved you unconditionally every day. So, besides giving them some extra treats and an uninterrupted nap, here are a few ways you can show them your gratitude for all the overtime they’ve put in providing you with support, laughs, and joy this year!

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For Doting Dogs

Puppy Love Chews for Dogs is a proudly 100% Canadian company. They make tasty 100% digestible dog chews from all-Canadian, human-grade meat. The chews come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including Candy Cane! 

JW & Puppy Love Toy & Treat Combo: JW Pet puts a lot of thought into keeping your dogs busy and rewarded with their innovative puzzle toys. Pair it with some 100% Canadian treats to keep your pup busy and put their brain to work. Ask our staff for the best combo recommendations to suit your pet.

Soggy Dog Doormats are a gamechanger for those dogs that love to get wet and mucky. Add these to your front and back entryways for a cleaner home, even with a messy dog. The microfibre chenille absorbs excess water and traps dirt. The mats have a non-slip backing and they’re machine washable. They’re available in several different colours in 3 sizes. Bonus; they double as a nice soft mat for your dog to lay on while they wait for you to come home!

gifts for cats and dogs mother nature

For Cuddly Cats

The Catit Pirate Scratcher Bed is the perfect spot for small and large cats to scratch or relax. It’s made from durable, recyclable cardboard with a fun design and comes in 2 sizes.

The Catit Flower Fountain is absolutely adorable, and it makes keeping your cat’s water fresh and clean super easy. Many cats prefer to drink running water. This fountain has three different flow settings, so even nervous cats can enjoy it. The filter takes out magnesium and calcium, which can occur in tap water and may contribute to urinary tract diseases in cats. 

gifts for cats and dogs mother nature

For Both Cats & Dogs

Canadian Naturals Freeze-Dried Treats (Dogs & Cats) are delicious single-ingredient Canadian-made treats that are sure to trigger plenty of paw-shakes from excited pets!

Resploot Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats use material made from recycled plastic bottles to stuff their pet beds. These sustainable beds were created in an ongoing effort to help curb plastic bottles reaching landfills and our oceans. The beds are made with durable fabrics that are easily removable for washing. Most importantly, they are super cozy and comfortable for your pets!

gifts for cats dogs mother nature

For Beloved Bettas

The Marina Torus Betta Bowl is a unique aquarium that gives you fun 360-degree views and lets your betta fish enjoy swimming around the unique bowl. The locking cover and handle make it easy to transport when you need to change the water. You can also personalize yours by adding a photo to the center opening.

Don’t forget about your pets this Christmas! Stop by Mother Nature’s pet center today and pick up some great gifts for Fido and Fluffy.