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Gardening tool ideas for Dad’s who love to Garden!

This Father's Day bring dad down to Mother Nature for some fun tool shopping! You can browse the nursery, pick out some tools and bring home the perfect plant!

Father’s Day presents a perfect opportunity to explore the garden tool section, where you can find a wide array of gadgets to choose from. But with so many options available, how do you decide? For many gardeners, the choice ultimately boils down to personal preference. If your dad has plenty of gardening experience, he will likely have some favorite tools already. However, if Dad is new to gardening or looking to upgrade his current set, there are a few key tools that should be on your radar. No matter which kind of gardener your dad is, we have some tools which everyone can use and would love to have a second set hanging around, because you can never have too many gardening tools!

Here are 8 fun tools your Dad may not have which are perfect for Father’s Day.

Winged Weeder

Its name sounds like a superhero ready to attack weeds, and it’s a must-have tool! The winged weeder looks a bit like airplane wings if viewed from above. It has a long handle to be used standing up. The edges are sharpened front and back, making it handy for quickly chopping down surface weeds—even in tight spaces around seedlings and delicate veggie plants. The bottom is flat, so it slides over the soil easily. You can easily drag it back and forth to quickly dispatch those tiny weeds that show up every few days and annoy every gardener.

Hula Hoe

Hula, or stirrup, hoes are another must-have stand-up weeding tool, with a loop at the bottom. Sometimes the loop will be made with metal posts, and wire strung tightly between them. Other times, it’s a thin piece of metal with pretty sharp edges. A hula hoe is great for getting at weeds that are a little more established, with roots about half an inch to an inch below the surface. Like the winged weeder, gardener’s can move a hula hoe forward or backward to tackle weeds quickly—but you have to be a little more careful with this because it’s not a thick steel plate.

Weeding Knife

Weeding knives are a great handheld tool! They’ll help gardeners tackle weeds in awkward spaces. The thin blade, usually in an L-shape with a slight hook at the end, can slip into cracks and narrow spaces to cut weeds off at the root, and then the hook pulls the weeds out.

Stand-Up Weed Puller

A standup weed puller is a classic must-have tool based on the concept of leverage that makes removing things like dandelions quite easy. The tool will have 2-4 long prongs, with a thick, slightly curved arm just above the prongs. Gardener’s insert the prongs over the top of the weed, push it down into the dirt until the curved arm is touching the soil, and then push towards the curved arm piece. This forces the prongs to close around the weed’s root, and the leverage pulls it out—like magic! It’s great for weeds with taproots and it saves your back.

Double-Ended Hand Cultivator & Hoe Combo

A combination hoe and cultivator tool are a handy must-have when it comes time to plant. The cultivator or claw side helps gardener’s break up and loosen the soil, while the hoe side allows you to quickly dig a shallow hole. Pop in your starter plants and you’re ready to grow!


A dibber makes seed planting so easy. It’s a must-have hand tool with a pointed end for making planting holes. Ideal for planting seeds, especially larger ones that need to be planted individually, like pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, or beans. The dibber will also keep your gardener hands and fingernails a little cleaner and prevent some of that painful dry and cracking skin. They’re also handy if you’re transplanting from deep root trainers because they make a perfectly shaped hole for the column of roots.

Dandelion Hand Weeder

This gardener must-have hand weeder has a long stem with two sharpened prongs at the end. Some will have a sturdy rounded piece of metal halfway down the shaft. The idea with these is to shove them straight down into the ground right at the plant base. Then when you pull back away from the plant, the prongs at the end will move towards the taproot, cut it off, and pull as much of the root as possible out. What a great tool for all sorts of weeds—and it creates minimal soil disturbance!

Tomato Clips

Tomato clips make growing indeterminate tomatoes so much easier. Perfectly sized to snap easily around the stem of a tomato plant to secure it. It won’t cut into the stem of the tomato, and the clips are easy to remove at the end of the season to store for next year. They’re a must-have in the arsenal for avid tomato gardeners.

You can visit us at Mother Nature and check out our garden centre to find tools, and gifts just for dad this Father’s Day!

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