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Creative Ideas for Styling Your Houseplants

Houseplants are a great complement to your home decor style. Here are a few creative ways to help you take your home style to the next level. You could use all of these styling tips or pick and choose what you like best that works for your home. Just remember that plant care is easiest if you group plants with similar needs together


5 Houseplant Styling Ideas You Gotta Try in 2021

houseplant styling ideas mother nature

Get Creative with Decorative Planters

Pick a theme, or a colour scheme, or a style for your planters. From metallics to pastels, vibrant colours, to simple monochrome, there’s a colour scheme that will work with your style. 

Get creative! If you keep your plants potted in plain and simple pots, you can display them in different decorative planters whenever you feel like it. Almost anything can be a planter, really, so think outside the box and keep your eyes open for cool containers in antique shops, second-hand stores, and the garden centre.


Create Plant Groupings

Just like with other decor items, a grouping of houseplants is often more pleasing to the eye than a single plant by itself. Odd numbers of plants look best, so use 3, 5, or 7 plants together. Mix up textures, leaf sizes, and plant styles so that they don’t all blend together. Be mindful of keeping plants with similar care requirements near each other and making sure your plants will get the right amount of light for their needs. 

Create a grouping on a side table, the dining table, or a windowsill. If you have small plants, try making a grouping and display it on a cake stand. The cake stand gives them a bit of extra height and adds cohesiveness to the group. The best part is that grouping plants together helps raise the humidity in the area, keeping the whole group healthier.

houseplant styling ideas mother nature

Combine Plants with Other Home Decor Items to Create Vignettes

Plants work well with other home decor items, so accessorize your plants! If you’ve got crystals or gems, display them near a couple of plants. Have some sentimental and unique pieces of sculpture art or collected items from travels? Display them near houseplants that suit their style. 


Draw the Eye with Varying Heights of Plant Stands.

Tables, counters, and shelves are great places for plants, but sometimes you need a plant right here, and there’s no room for a whole table or shelf: plant stands are just one of the creative ways to get your plants right where you want them! Plant stands come in so many different styles and heights, some have a pot integrated, and some are simply a platform. Use a few different heights to create a vignette that shows off the features of different plants in your grouping. 

houseplant styling ideas mother nature

Hang Some of Your Houseplants.

There are so many ideas on social media for creative ways of hanging houseplants—it’s not all just macramé and plastic hanging baskets! You can hang a wire frame on the wall and mount small potted plants on the frame. 

You could hang a curtain rod across a window and space out some hanging plants on the rod. You could hang an old antique ladder from the ceiling and hang plants on the rungs. And you can always consider installing ceiling hooks with appropriate drywall anchors. Hit up Pinterest for even more ideas.

Give Vining Plants Something to Climb that Isn’t Your Wall. 

Who doesn’t want a wall of lush greenery? Give your houseplants a support frame to climb, like a lattice, trellis, or obelisk—a wall of leaves is lovely and all, but those pothos air roots can and will pull off pieces of paint. Plus, having a bunch of damp leaves right against your wall has the potential to create a welcoming space for mould. 

If you’re going to mount something on the wall, make sure to mount it at least 1-2 inches off the wall so that air can move behind the frame to prevent mould problems from taking hold. It’s also a good idea to set up a small fan near a wall of leaves to keep the air moving.

houseplant styling ideas mother nature

Things to Remember When Styling Plants

Make sure to protect any wood furniture your plants are sitting on. Unglazed terracotta pots and saucers can still damage the wood. You can protect your furniture with plastic drip trays, or with the durable and attractive cork mats, we carry at the store. These cork mats come in a whole range of sizes and not only protect your surfaces from water, they also prevent scuffs and scratches.

Make sure that anything you use to hang plants is strong enough to hold the weight of your plant at its heaviest, right after it’s been watered well. Weigh your plants and mark down the info before you head out to buy things like drywall anchors, ceiling hooks, and curtain rods.

If you’d like to get some inspiration for styling plants, stop by Mother Nature. We change up our houseplant displays pretty regularly to highlight different plants, and we carry plenty of plant stands and display pieces.