Cute & Creative Decorations to Make Your Garden Uniquely Yours

Gardens are naturally bursting with colour and plenty of visual interest, but if you want them to reflect your style and personality, it’s all about the accessories! There are many cute garden decorations and beautiful outdoor art you can incorporate into your landscape design. It brings that extra spark of inspiration and personal flair! 

Personalize Your Garden With These Cute Outdoor Decorations  

The fun doesn’t stop at picking out your plants—there are so many other creative design choices and decorations to explore! Here are some favourites you can find in our garden centre. 

Mother Nature Greenhouse - How to Decorate Your Gardens obelisk in garden

Obelisks and Trellises

These gorgeous garden decorations are equal parts style and function! They provide structure for beautiful creeping plants like Clematis and Thunbergia or vining vegetables like indeterminate tomatoes or cucumbers. Tall obelisks and trellises elevate your plants and add height to the scenery, maximizing the overall visual impact. Some are simple, and some are quite ornate, but they always look fabulous once those lush vines start climbing through them!

Mother Nature Greenhouse - How to Decorate Your Gardens -heron statues

Go Art Deco with Metal Herons

The must-have garden decoration for 2022 is the metal heron. It harkens to mind the art deco style of the 1920s! These tall, sleek, elegant creatures bring an air of sophistication to the scenery—they aren’t kitschy like lawn flamingoes or gnomes. Their cool blue and silver hues add sleek icy tones to your colour palette. So glam! 

Whimsical Wind Chimes

These beloved outdoor decorations never fail to bring a sense of serenity and magic to the garden. Delicate chimes dancing on the breeze create a soothing ambience that’s perfect for relaxing outside with a book, journaling, or meditating. We have wind chimes in plenty of different materials—some are wooden, and some are metallic—so come in and compare the different tones to see which one resonates with you.   

Mother Nature Greenhouse - How to Decorate Your Gardens -lattice in backyard

Lattice Privacy Screens

Establishing separate “rooms” in your yard and garden can help make your outdoor space feel more stylish, intimate, and functional. Instead of building actual walls, putting up lattice privacy screens can divide up your space without entirely obscuring the view. They’re great for separating outdoor dining areas from the spots where your kids or pets like to play. Train vines to grow up along the lattice for extra visual spectacle! 


Colourful Water Orbs

Vibrant blown glass water orbs are such distinctive and artsy decorations for the landscape, and they have the bonus of watering your plants! Fill the orb with water and press the narrow spout into the soil near your plant. The orb will slowly release a trickle of water over a few days, so you won’t have to water as often. They’re especially effective for container gardens—the soil in planters tends to dry out faster than soil in big garden beds. 

Mother Nature Greenhouse - How to Decorate Your Gardens -garden lanterns

Twinkle Twinkle Little Lanterns

Add some ambience and moody lighting to your landscape with patio lighting! Patio lighting is perhaps the most impactful type of garden decoration—it dramatically affects the energy of your space. There are so many stylish options with different colour tones that influence the atmosphere. Warm-toned lights feel cozy and intimate, cool-toned lights feel sophisticated and modern, and colourful lights bring the party vibes! 


There are plenty more cute garden decorations for sale in Powell River, so visit Mother Nature to see what’s new! If this is your first attempt at creating a garden design, you’re welcome to ask our experts for some tips or browse through our blog to see more of our landscape decor tutorials.