Spooky Indoor & Outdoor Plants for a Festive Fall

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Plants for Halloween-nerve plant houseplant

Keep your outdoor containers and houseplants festive for Halloween with these spooky plants! This blog features indoor and outdoor plants with dark foliage to turn up the spook factor in your home and front yard for trick-or-treaters. Indoor Houseplants for Chilling Decor  Raven ZZ  In the same way that Halloween and ravens go together, Raven […]

The Best Houseplants for All 12 Zodiac Signs


Let’s talk astrology! Our zodiac signs assign us personality traits, power colours, birthstones, and lucky numbers—but what about houseplants? Indoor plants have unique styles, quirks and habits, just like us, so we’ve determined the best houseplant that aligns with every star sign.  Our Favourite Houseplants Imagined as Zodiac Signs These houseplants are a perfect cosmic […]