Lucky Houseplants for St. Patrick’s Day!

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Lucky Houseplants for St. Patricks Day-lucky bamboo plant

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the beautiful Emerald Isle and the curious luck of the Irish, so what better way to kick start the festivities than with some good luck greens? We could all use a little good luck these days, and with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect […]

Identifying Stressed-Out Houseplants

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Identifying Stressed-Out Houseplants

You love your houseplants as much as we do, and sometimes you notice that they don’t seem quite as happy as they once were. How do you diagnose problems with your houseplants when there could be so many things going wrong? We’ll talk about some of the most common houseplant problems and how to make […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Bonsai

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Bonsai as an art form originated over 2,000 years ago, when ancient Chinese horticulturalists would create detailed and whimsical miniature landscapes called penjing or penzai. These landscapes incorporated various natural elements, including trees, rocks, water, and tiny figurines, and often varied depending on geographical location. Inspired by this incredible art form, the ancient Japanese developed […]

How To Propagate and Grow Your Houseplant Family For Free

Mother Nature Garden Centre- Powell River - jade plant cuttings in water

Propagating your houseplants is an easy, budget-friendly way to grow your plant family and share your rare or expensive plants with fellow plant lovers. This guide will walk you through different propagation methods and some of the easiest plants to propagate.    What Propagation Methods Are There?  Houseplant propagation is the act of growing a […]

Visit Mother Nature to Combat Those Winter Blues

Mother Nature Garden Centre- Powell River - Assorted Succulents

The winter weather has been unseasonably cold this year, with sub-zero temperatures taking the place of the usual rainy climate. All the joys of the holiday season have come and gone, and spring is much too far away. Luckily, there’s great news for plant parents and budding gardeners, as being around lush greenery, soil, and […]

4 Creative Ways to Wrap Houseplants For a Christmas Gift


Houseplants make great Christmas gifts. They bring greenery indoors and are also incredibly complementary to home decor. Indoor plants are also a thoughtful and long-lasting gift, as there is truly a plant out there for every personality and skill level! That being said, gift wrapping a houseplant is considerably more challenging than wrapping something that […]

6 Houseplants to Boost Your Holiday Decorations

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-6 Houseplants to Boost Your Holiday Decorations-anthurium flowers

Ho, ho, hooray for holiday houseplants! Spectacular varieties like Christmas cacti, amaryllis, anthurium, and more come packed with festive colours and Christmas cheer, and will continue to brighten your home all winter long. Here are six of our favourites to include in your holiday decor this season! Christmas Cacti  We can thank the holiday seasons […]

How to Train Trailing Houseplants

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-How to Train Trailing Houseplants-untangling pothos plant

Calming visual effects can be achieved by training climbers and vining houseplants into shape. Plants such as philodendrons, monsteras, pothos, ficus, ivy, hoya varieties, and more can be used to create stunning climbing displays.   Tips for Trailing Plants  Whether you decide on how to train your plants using a moss pole or home-built trellis, […]

Fresh Herbs 24/7: How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-How to Grow Herbs Indoors-harvesting herbs

We can all agree that our everyday meals wouldn’t be complete without using herbs and spices. Not only do they add the perfect ‘zing‘ factor to each recipe, but they also provide us with countless health benefits. You can grow any herb indoors if you provide the right conditions. From powerful oregano to top off […]