Brew Your Garden Some Compost Tea for Rich Soil Health

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Compost Tea- worm in compost

Everyone loves a good cup of tea—even your gorgeous garden! Making a good compost tea provides your garden with a host of benefits, including increased plant growth, crop yield, and soil quality, so we want to give you the tools you need to do it yourself this summer. Whether you’re a seasoned brew master or […]

The Low-Down on Rain Gardens: How to Make Use of Wet Areas

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Rain Gardens-wooden garden sign

British Columbia is well-known for its long, heavy rains. While this significant rainfall helps make it such a lush, beautiful province, it also often leads to soil oversaturation and flooding. Thankfully, there are ways to create something beautiful and beneficial regardless of the wet weather! Here is our guide to planting your very own rain […]

Observing Nature in the Garden: A Practice for Eco-Design


The practice of eco-design in the garden is not just about conserving water and reusing old pots; it’s about creating a garden that sustains your local ecosystem, benefits native wildlife, and reduces your carbon footprint. Designing an eco-friendly garden is also a practice in awareness, and is a process that will likely elevate your mood […]

Boost Your Vegetable Garden With Cover Crops

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Boost Your Vegetable Garden With Cover Crops--buckwheat in corn crop

While it may be tempting to simply clear out your veggie patch for the winter and leave your garden beds to their own devices, the savvy Powell River gardener knows to use cover crops during the down season. By growing a cover crop during your vegetable garden’s off-season, you’re essentially growing a living mulch that […]

Our Freshest Annuals for a Fabulous Spring 2023

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Annuals for a Fabulous Spring 2023-pink petunias

With our spring cleaning pretty well wrapped up, it’s time to start looking forward to all those awesome annuals you’ll be planting in your Powell River garden this year. We’re fortunate enough to have some of the best spring climates here in BC, with the luxury of an extended growing season in some parts, making […]

Pruner and Saw Types and How to Use Them

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-pruning a tree -

Gardening takes a lot of dedicated work, so it’s important to keep yourself equipped with the right tools for any job your Powell River garden might throw your way. Here are the most common and necessary types of pruners and saws to add to your gardening kit this year and how to use them properly. […]

Homegrown Herbals: How to Grow Your Own Tea


For some people, tea is a warm, comforting beverage. For others, it’s an entire way of life! The history of humanity cultivating and enjoying teas goes back over 5000 years, and it is still one of the best natural at-home wellness practices you can do. Whether you’re a seasoned herbal connoisseur or you’re just looking […]

From Planting to Harvest: Vegetable Planting Calendar for Powell River

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Planting Guide for Powell River British Columbia-assorted vegetables

Knowing when to plant is crucial to growing delicious vegetables in your garden. But when gardening with so many different varieties, it can be difficult to remember each planting time. In addition to frost tolerance, the ideal temperature for growing, harvesting schedules, and frost protection, every vegetable has a unique set of requirements. This blog […]

Garden Plants Featuring This Year’s Pantone Colour: Viva Magenta

Mother Nature Garden Centre-Powell River-Garden Plants With This Years Pantone Colour-clematis

You know 2023 is going to be a good year when Pantone’s colour choice is Viva Magenta! It’s practically the colour of excitement and the energy of all things bold, adventurous, and luxurious about a garden. We at Mother Nature have been having a ton of fun playing around with Pantone colour-inspired garden designs, and […]

Love Your Ladybugs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Spring Clean-Up


Chances are, right now, you’re gearing up to tackle that spring clean-up in the coming weeks. We all know too well how much there is to do every year, and that it can often be incredibly tempting to use some less-than-sustainable methods in the interest of getting everything done. This year, however, why not try […]