Budgie Love

Budgies are one of today’s most beloved small bird pets! Read more here to see just why they are loved so much!

The Power of Positivity within a Crystal

Throughout history, crystals, also referred to as suncatchers, have been utilized for healing, creativity, positivity, and meditation purposes for thousands of years.

Can a Smell Make You Feel Good?

Do you wonder why you feel so good when you smell something amazing? Find out here just how powerful scent is and how it works with your memory.

The Beauty of a Sparkling Clean Tank

Healthy fish in sparking, clean water.

A fish tank is at its most stunning when filled with healthy fish, leisurely swimming around in pristine, sparkling water.

Our Feathered Friends in Winter

Our feathered buddies are in for a tough time during these months. They’ve got to hustle hard just to keep warm! Wild bird suet will help! This high-calorie snack is like a warm hug for our avian amigos.

Love yourself in a hat!

Faces are all different and finding a hat to fit can seem hard to do at times! Find your perfect hat here!

Pollinators Need Your Help In Fall!

When Fall sets in many pollinators struggle to find enough food. Learn which plants are best to carry pollinators into fall and prepare for winter.

The Sparkle behind the Glass Ball

Since the 16th century decorative balls have been used in homes to add sparkle and shine as well as to help frighten away witches and ward away bad luck.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The best things come in small packages! When it comes to small pets we couldn’t agree more! Learn more here about the pocket pets we can’t get enough of!

Do Pets Think We Are Their Parents?

When we tell our pets, “Go see mom, or go see dad”, what do they think of this? Has your pet ever shown a reaction to being told to “go see mom, or go see dad?” Often times we tell ourselves that this is just a response to hearing certain words. But do our pets really think we are their parents?