You have always suspected there is more to your black cat!

Yes! the love you have for your black cat, means that you have on your side one of the best good luck charms you could possibly have! For so long, the idea of a black cat has come to mean bad luck, and black cats have long been associated with witches and Halloween. However, when we dig into these myths, legends, and superstitions, we see that many cultures believe the opposite and view black cats as good luck charms!

Black Cat Myths: Lucky or Unlucky

Who hasn’t heard the famous saying, don’t let a black cat cross your path! Well why not? Is it good or is it superstitious nonsense? Well, depends on where you live. Here is a list of countries where folks like to take note if a black cat crosses their path.


Unlucky! These unlucky roots are deep and likely come from medieval times when witches were persecuted, and black cats were believed to be familiars or even witches themselves.


Lucky! In Japan, black cats are considered especially lucky for single women and will help them to be lucky in love. Japanese Maneki Neko are fortune cats, and the black ones are used to ward off evil.

North America 

Unlucky! Here in North America, we have also wronged black cats as bringers of bad luck, and because of this so many shelters are filled with black cats. Let’s turn black cat luck around and adopt a black cat next time and see just how lucky you are to have a wonderful new feline friend!

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Both lucky and unlucky! Germany has taken a different look at black cats, and depending on which way they cross your path will depend on your luck. Black cats crossing left to right are lucky, but right to left is unlucky! Make up your mind, Germany!


Unlucky! When a black cat comes onto your bed in Italy, this country believes a sick person will die.


Lucky! In France, crossing paths with black cats means something magical will happen. So, keep your eyes open for both black cats and the magic happening!

As you can see, the different ideas of black cats and whether they are lucky or not are vastly different. Looking at the odds, it seems more countries believe black cats are good luck, so we have decided to say that, ultimately, a black cat is a bringer of good luck!

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Black Cat Legends

One of the most famous legends of black cats comes from Egypt. Cats, in general, have been revered in Egypt, and the black cat is said to be a descendant of the Egyptian goddess Bastet who was known to have taken the form of a lioness and then later a black cat. These black cat descendants of Bastet are thought to have supernatural powers.

Another legend of black cats comes from the sailors of the oceans. Sailors believed having a black cat on board the ship would bring good health to the journey. Many ships kept their felines in places of honour onboard. This legend could have arisen from the fact that cats are excellent hunters and kept the rodent population down, which also keeps disease away!

Black Cat Superstitions

Superstitions about black cats have many roots from medieval times, possibly beginning in the 13th century when the Catholic church declared black cats as incarnates of Satan. Since then, we have come a long way and no longer believe black cats are evil, but we do have superstitions that are still believed.

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In certain parts of the world, it has been said that if a black cat gets accidentally soaked, then out of revenge, the cat will make it rain.

When your black cat sits down for a good grooming, you better pay attention! Your cat is telling you company is imminent, and they are preparing themselves to look their best!

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Have you ever dreamed about black cats? Dreaming of a black cat can mean different things, and it usually depends on your feelings about black cats. Generally, dreams about black cats mean something magical and wonderful is ready to happen to you, or they can be the foresight of bad news about to arrive in your life.

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Black Cats Today

Today, we talk about black cat superstitions and wonder at all the myths and legends which surround them, and then embrace them as the fantastic feline they are. Black cats are found on every continent and in every culture, and it is no wonder as the black gene is the most dominant colour for cats, particularly male cats.

Today we have a slight diversity of black cat colours. Solid black, known as a solid or self. These solid black cats can have three more different variations: coal black, grayish black, and brownish black. All three are considered solid black. There are three other black variations: black smoke, a black coat with white roots and rust black, and a black coat that turns light brownish in the sun. No matter which colour a black cat is, one thing I think we all agree on is that black cats hold a fascination for us, and cat lovers will all agree that black cats are simply amazing!

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What are your thoughts on black cats? Have you always been a black cat lover, or have you held back because you wonder about the superstitions surrounding them? Stop by Mother Nature and let us know what your thoughts are!