Winter is so close to being over, but those last few weeks seem to go by so slowly! If you’re growing weary from gray skies and crummy weather, we’ve got the perfect happy booster to brighten your spirits: houseplants! You’d be amazed at the effect that these happy houseplants can have on your energy and mood.

Can Plants Help With Seasonal Depression?

Yes! It might sound too good to be true, but science has shown time and time again that tending to plants and surrounding yourself with vibrant greenery has powerful mood-boosting effects. On top of that, microbes in the soil have proven antidepressant effects. Potting up plants and getting your hands dirty in the soil can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing!

Lift Your Spirits With These Happy Houseplants

Are you looking for some particularly perky houseplants to bring happy vibes to your home or office? These seven happy houseplants are so cheerful and bright—you’ll love how they lift the energy of your space and make those bleak winter days a little brighter.

Dracaena Tornado

You won’t be able to resist cracking a smile at the sight of this happy little hurricane of a houseplant! Its vibrant lemon-lime leaves grow in a swirling spiral formation like they got caught in a tornado and became stuck that way. Dracaenas are super easy to care for, so this happy houseplant isn’t likely to break your heart or throw a fit. Nothing but smooth sailing with this tiny tornado!

happy houseplants to beat the winter blues mother nature powell river

Neon Pothos

This houseplant radiates pure happy energy! Neon Pothos is a beacon of joy that illuminates your surroundings with electric chartreuse leaves that glow in the sunlight. Pothos is a must-have plant for beginners, and their lush, vining habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets and plant walls. They don’t need as much sunlight as most other houseplants, so they’ll still look ultra-vivid and happy after weeks of cloudy gray winter weather.


Tradescantia Nanouk

Your heart might just skip a beat at the sight of this jewel-toned beauty, with its icy lavender and green striped leaves with vibrant purple undersides. Its vining foliage cascades downward, making it another perfect contender for hanging baskets and floating shelves. They’re also incredibly easy to propagate from cuttings, so you can grow new little houseplants to share with friends and spread that happy feeling around!

happy houseplants to beat the winter blues mother nature powell river

Peperomia Watermelon

This plant is downright adorable. With round leaves that look exactly like miniature watermelons, this houseplant will have you dreaming of happy summer days, sipping fruity drinks, and eating snacks in the sunshine. It’s a smaller, more compact houseplant, so it’s perfect for your office desk—we could all use some extra happy vibes to perk up our workday!

Boston Fern

Voluminous and feathery, this lush and large houseplant will make your space feel extra happy, and it will purify the air! Boston Ferns are incredibly powerful at filtering out toxins from the air, and their bright, shaggy appearance is just so lovable! This is a plant with plenty of personality—don’t be surprised if you start doting on it like you would with a family pet!

happy houseplants to beat the winter blues mother nature powell river


Colour therapy is a powerful practice, so it’s no surprise that the mega bright colours of the Croton can improve your mood! Most varieties have rainbow foliage in red, orange, gold, and green shades, but others—like Gold Dust Croton—are green with glittery golden sparkles all over. These tropical houseplants start small, but if you care for them well and repot them every few years, your Croton can live for several decades and grow to enormous sizes!

happy houseplants to beat the winter blues mother nature powell river


Flowering houseplants are highly sought-after for their long-lasting blooms and gorgeous colour. Kalanchoe is a particular favourite—its scalloped leaves and cute flower clusters have major visual appeal. There are many different varieties that bloom in all sorts of cheerful hues, like candy apple red, lemon yellow, bubblegum pink, tangerine, apricot, and snow white.

For even more happy houseplants for sale to beat the winter blues, visit Mother Nature in Powell River to see what’s new. Browse through our aisles of greenery and see what sparks joy. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2022!