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4 Ways You Can Grow Strawberries In A Small Space

Strawberries are one of the best small fruits you can grow at home; not only are they a summer favourite, but they can also grow just about anywhere! No store-bought strawberry will ever compare to the flavour of a juicy, ripe strawberry plucked off the vine while it’s still warm from the sunshine. 

Before you get started, it’s important to know the two main types of strawberries: everbearing strawberries and June-bearing strawberries. What’s the difference? 

Everbearing strawberries will produce fruit all summer long, though they may come in bursts. Because everbearing strawberries spend so much energy producing fruit, they may not produce as hearty of a harvest in future years. Some people even plant them as annuals, replacing with new plants every year. Other people say they still produce every year. How they fair in your yard will be somewhat dependent on location, soil quality, and sunshine. 

June-bearing strawberries produce only one crop per season, but the plants may deliver delicious berries for up to four years. They also produce bigger berries, but for a shorter period of time than June-bearing varieties. 

Here are four great ways to grow strawberries in small spaces in Powell River.

Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are excellent for strawberries because they get the plants up off the ground, keeping it out of reach of pests like slugs and snails. If you hang the basket in the right spot, it’s practically effortless to pick your fresh strawberries straight off the plant. Hanging baskets are also a great choice because the fruit hangs down over the edges of the basket, instead of sitting on the dirt. Make sure you water your baskets regularly since strawberries can get quite thirsty on warm days.


Strawberries can be grown in almost any type of container imaginable. They have a pretty shallow root system, so you don’t even need big containers. They can, however, get a little top-heavy when loaded with berries, so make sure your containers have a stable base. Strawberries do need lots of sunshine to develop that rich sweetness, so make sure they’re in a spot with lots of exposure throughout most of the day, and water them regularly.

Window Box

Strawberries are an excellent choice for south-facing window boxes. Everbearing varieties are especially fond of these locations, and they’ll decorate your windowsill with pretty flowers and gorgeous red fruit all season long. You’ll want to check their soil regularly; strawberries can drink quite a lot of water in the summer, and shallow planters like window boxes can dry out quickly.

Garden Bed

Strawberries will also grow well in a sunny garden bed, even if it’s just a tiny corner. You’ll have to keep an eye on them since they’ll send out lots of runners, and can waste their energy on creating new plants instead of producing fruit. It’s also important to mulch strawberries before they start to produce fruit to keep the soil moist and keep the roots cool. Mulch also prevents the berries from sitting on the soil surface, which can cause them to rot and puts them in reach of slugs. 

Stop by our garden center if you’d like to add some strawberries to your garden, large or small, this year. We carry everything you need to grow these little bits of edible heaven in your garden this year!

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