Happy New Year! 2022 can be your best gardening year yet if you have a good plan. Use this garden trend guide to stick to your resolutions and have an incredible year of greenery and growth. 


Level Up Your Garden with Composting

If you’ve been putting it off year after year, 2022 needs to be the year you finally start composting! It might seem intimidating, but the benefits are well worth it, and it’s easier than it seems. 

Composting is the most cost-effective way to get your garden and soil thriving. You’ll need a plan, an area to compost, a stationary or elevated compost bin, and some “green” and “brown” matter.

Green matter includes veggie and fruit scraps, cooked leftover vegetables, and coffee grounds. Avoid adding meat and dairy products.

Brown matter includes dried organic material like twigs, leaves, napkins, and paper towels.

Before jumping in, keep a list of compostable materials in your kitchen so you can always feel confident as you take this step towards a better garden.

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Take Your Coffee and Lunch Breaks Outside 

The last couple of years have taught us the importance of being with nature. Let’s keep up with this garden trend in 2022 by spending as much time as possible outside. 

Plan your morning routines around taking a few minutes outside with your coffee. It’s a great way to get centred for the day! Whether you work from home or are back in the office, pack an outdoor-friendly meal and enjoy the fresh air, sights and sounds of nature. 

Taking these breaks improves mental and physical health and well-being: it’s an easy and worthwhile resolution for 2022! 


Grow Your Groceries in 2022

Whether you have land, a garden plot, a box, a pot or just a tiny herb garden, there’s something deeply satisfying about putting food on a plate that you grew yourself. You can grow produce that lasts all year and keep your table full of fresh or canned goods straight from your garden if you plan ahead.

If you’re a bit green when it comes to growing produce in your home or garden, start with a simple herb garden. Plants herbs your family loves, so they don’t go to waste. Oregano, basil, mint, rosemary, and lavender are household favourites! 

garden guide plan 2022 Mother Nature Powell river

Make Your Home a Houseplant Hotel

Most of us know the benefits of having houseplants: they clean the air, help us focus, and add beauty and life to our interiors.

Make 2022 the year that you cultivate your dream houseplant collection. Is there a rare plant you’ve wanted to get your hands on? Are you ready to add some peace to your home with a bonsai tree or peace lily? Or, do you want to upgrade your collection by switching out your pots for a more stylish version? The sky’s the limit this year! 

2022 is also the year that you get your plant care schedule right. Pick up a dedicated garden journal so you can keep track of growth, watering, and fertilization. Tracking your plant care can also help you troubleshoot issues like pests or diseases.

Feel free to audit your current plant collection. If you realize some of your plants don’t fit your aesthetic, or they just aren’t thriving in the conditions in your house, have a plant party and do some trading!

garden guide plan 2022 Mother Nature Powell river

Grow and Give Within Your Community

Peruse Google and see if any community gardens are up and running in your area. Your green thumb can come in handy and provide your family and neighbours with fresh produce and beautiful flowers. 

If you can’t find one available in your area, make it your 2022 resolution to plan and execute a community garden of your own! Use an online guide to plan and create one, then let everyone in your neighbourhood know. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Whatever you plan to do in 2022, we know you’ll see it through! To find out more about garden resolutions in 2022 in Powell River, come visit us at Mother Nature!